Advertising Media Guidelines

All Advertisers and third-party content providers are subject to the guidelines found herein and in connection with the Terms of Use.

1. General Requirements

These general requirements apply to all ad types, with no exception, as follows:

(a) Click URLs that spawn exit popups/popunders are not allowed. Rapid animating, blinking and/or flashing ads are not accepted
(b) Ads cannot spawn a download prompt nor download anything on page load, mouse-over or on click—must go to landing page first
(c) Any ads that indicate the user is a winner, can be a winner or will win something will not be accepted
(d) No transparency allowed. All ads with a background color that is the same as the page it is running on, requires a border around the ad
(e) The brand or advertiser must be clear, readable and recognizable; should show the advertiser’s logo or company/product brand
(f) The use of icrunchdata’s images/logos and/or content within advertising or advertiser landing pages are not allowed without direct written approval
(g) icrunchdata reserves the right to reject and/or revise ads that do not adhere to these specs
(h) Publisher enforces a late creative policy as per IAB. Late arrival creative will still be billed for agreed upon advertising period
(i) Campaign reporting will be provided at the end of the agreed upon advertising period upon request

2. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content describes paid content that is developed by advertisers/clients and published on icrunchdata, alongside native editorial content. We share sponsored content that is, by its own merit, entertaining, educational or provides deeper informational awareness. Sponsored content does not reflect the views of icrunchdata, and we reserve the right to decline content that would undermine the intellectual integrity, authority and character of our brand. icrunchdata reserves the right to approve content to guide against conflicts of interest or potentially harmful alliances. icrunchdata may also reject or remove sponsored content at any time that contains false, deceptive, illegal or misleading information or is inconsistent with or may bring disparagement, harm to reputation or other damage to icrunchdata's brand. No member of icrunchdata's editorial staff is involved with the research or writing of sponsored content and must, with no exception, as follows:

(a) Be clearly labeled 'Sponsored'
(b) Credit all sources and ideas, disclose conflicts of interest, both to the client before accepting the sponsored content and to the reader in the final work
(c) Use real names
(d) Use social media signatures that are clearly labeled as sponsored content
(e) Sponsored press releases must be validated by also being published on a news wire service

2.1 Mentions and Links

Sponsored content may include the following number of company/brand mentions and author attributions, with no exception, as follows:

(a) Article title must be at least 30 and no more than 70 characters including spaces
(b) Article body has a maximum of 3 company/brand mentions and 3 promotional links
(c) Article body maximum is 1000 word count (1500 for an Exclusive Interview)
(d) Article body minimum is 400 word count
(e) Use [anchor text here] to denote hyperlinks in article body and list hyperlink URLs
(f) Author attribution has a maximum of 1 company/brand mention
(g) All sponsored content is due 5 business days prior to publishing

2.2. Featured Images

Advertisers may include an image to be featured in their sponsored content article, with no exception, as follows:

(a) All image artwork must be approved by icrunchdata
(b) The article's featured image may be provided by the advertiser/client. Approved artwork must be at least 1600 x 900 px (2:1 aspect ratio) in landscape orientation to render in highest resolution. If advertiser/client does not provide a featured image, icrunchdata will select one at its own discretion.
(c) Logos are not accepted as a featured image
(d) One additional image may be inserted in the article body
(e) Image file types supported are GIF, JPG and PNG
(f) All images provided must have prepaid licensing rights or be royalty free
(g) For video, an embedded video URL link must be provided
(h) Third-party tags (e.g. JavaScript, iframe) are not supported

3. Display Media

Advertisers may submit artwork for the purposes of display media, with no exception, as follows:

(a) Approved image artwork must be standard IAB dimensions of a leaderboard 728 x 90 px and billboard 970 x 250 px
(b) Image file types supported are GIF, JPG and PNG
(c) All images provided must have prepaid licensing rights or be royalty free
(d) Third-party tags (e.g. JavaScript, iFrame) are not supported
(e) All display media artwork is due 3 business days prior to publishing
(f) All image artwork must be approved by icrunchdata