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Updated 2023—icrunchdata is proud to publish and host the latest artificial intelligence job board index in the field of AI. Here you can find the latest labor information and future trends for high growth categories of employment in the United States. This artificial intelligence jobs report is taken from a sampling of the best AI job sites, our proprietary data from artificial intelligence job boards and is compiled by our research team. This compiled research is focused around a particular skill-set, so it's inherently quite targeted yet easily digestible at a glance. We'll be adding more information to this report, so stay tuned. Learn more about our IT job board platform.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is machine learning technology that possesses the ability to arrive at cognitive decisions similar to that of a human mind; which is including but not limited to deep learning, language processing, knowledge, perception, communication and cognitive decision making by machines. The applications are almost endless to businesses worldwide as they try to maintain or gain a competitive advantage in the digital transformation era. Many enterprise companies such as IBM and GE are working diligently to offer platforms, single-use solutions and supporting AI services to meet the pending demand for AI technology. Some have given names to their AI such as IBM Watson, so as to humanize it in such a way as to build trust. Artificial intelligence is the inevitable frontier created from the derivative of computer science.

The Future

Some of the goals of artificial intelligence (AI) include the ability to reason, plan, inform, learn, communicate, perceive, and even move and manipulate physical objects and otherwise behave, think and perceive similar to that of the human mind. As artificial intelligence (AI) technology becomes more evolved, it will one day likely present some ethical challenges and boundaries to be considered. There is so much potential in artificial intelligence technology, and with such powerful technology comes much responsibility. Already companies such as Tesla are developing self-driving cars with artificial intelligence technology, which has already caused much public debate. Also, artificial intelligence can be used for facial recognition which can be extremely useful for security, as well as advertising. Imagine the notion of walking into a store and AI technology scanning a person’s retina to determine identity, and then to customize the shopping experience or sale items that you’ll most likely purchase. The healthcare industry stands to benefit greatly too, in the diagnosis, treatment and potentially the curing of disease. One things is for certain, there is no turning back on the progress being made in this arena, and especially so as artificial intelligence becomes entrenched in the systems, products and services of companies worldwide. As consumers begin to trust and depend on these systems in our daily lives; the world will eventually fully embrace it. And so will employers, so let’s take a look some career related considerations for artificial intelligence jobs, AI jobs, and employment in the field.

Careers in Artificial Intelligence

So how does this affect artificial intelligence jobs? Many experts debate that AI technology will replace countless jobs that would otherwise be held by humans, and for certain this is true in many cases. Perhaps there is a genuine threat of this, in that organizations may reduce their dependency on human talent in lieu of artificial intelligence. But it will undoubtedly create new jobs and career opportunities for those talented tech workers who have the expertise to program, develop and maintain AI systems. In the example of transportation, self-driving freight vehicles could potentially eliminate (or reduce) the need for paid human drivers. And countless other repetition bases job duties could be performed by artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, while some jobs might be replaced, the newly created jobs could theoretically match the pace. It’s also noteworthy that the term machine learning is also oftentimes interchanged with artificial intelligence. More information on machine learning jobs can be found here. So aspiring professionals should acquire skills in both AI and machine learning and understand the unique differences. These skill-sets will become extremely desirable to enterprise organizations in particular. You can also find many artificial intelligence jobs here on icrunchdata by searching for popular titles listed below or customizing your job search. And be sure to check out our pro tips for job seekers.

Top 5 Job Titles

1. Artificial Intelligence Specialist / AI Specialist
2. Artificial Intelligence Engineer / AI Specialist
3. Artificial Intelligence Developer / AI Specialist
4. Artificial Intelligence Software Engineer / AI Specialist
5. Artificial Intelligence Platform Architect / AI Specialist

Summary Reports

To bring our audience and the general community additional value, icrunchdata has started to release summary reports, trends, and relevant analysis related to jobs in the field including the data scientist salary report and the data science jobs index report.

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