About the Author
Myles Suer is Director Solutions and Industry Marketing at Protegrity, and much of his experience has been as a BI practitioner. He is a former Senior Manager for Solutions Marketing at Informatica Corporation focused on CIOs and CFOs. And while at HP and Peregrine, Myles led the product management team applying analytics and big data technology to the company’s IT management products.

My Data Matters

It is time that business leaders tell their IT organizations that their data matters. It does not make a difference whether you are talking about customer data,

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It is becoming evident that insights-driven companies make more money and develop more sustainable barriers to entry. Forrester has estimated that they “will steal $1.2 trillion a

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A couple weeks ago, I got to attend the 10th Annual MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium – long title, but really interesting event. After

Proof that Data Trumps Intuition

I regularly teach business strategy in my management and marketing classes. As a part of this, I like to expose my students to the work of Michael