Information Builders and DBS-H to Enable Enterprise Adoption of Big Data

Information Builders and DBS-H to Enable Enterprise Adoption of Big Data

Information Builders, a provider of business intelligence, analytics, information integrity and integration solutions, along with its Israeli agent SRL Software products and DBS-H Ltd. announced their cooperation to enable enterprises to expand operations to include Big Data initiatives.

This joint effort will be a closely coupled offering embedding Information Builder's WebFOCUS BI and Reporting platform within DBS-H's innovative CR8 continuous SQL to NoSQL data integration engine.

WebFOCUS is a widely used BI and Reporting platform across major enterprises. CR8, a no-impact, near real-time streaming engine of SQL data to Big Data technologies, is the most advanced alternative to the ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load) approach and empowers companies to unlock its legacy data for continuous use in new technology-based applications.

By combining WebFOCUS and CR8, enterprises can preserve and extend their IT investment base while simultaneously implementing new NoSQL systems and applications using the latest technologies in a unified environment.

CR8 allows legacy SQL systems to function as before with no alterations, and all updated data is captured, formatted, enriched and written to NoSQL platforms in near real-time.

WebFOCUS extends its BI capabilities to support new Big Data engines with the same market-tested logic and user interface. This allows IT departments to launch new applications with their existing BI and Reporting tools and organization skill set.

Information Builders and DBS-H will go to market by delivering WebFOCUS Business User Edition as part of the CR8 virtual appliance.

"The combination of SRL Software products, DBS-H Ltd and Information Builders platform will ensure customers that their data is as complete, consistent and accurate as possible," said David Small, Senior Vice President, International Division for Information Builders.

"In today's data-saturated landscape, ensuring the quality and accuracy of complex data sets is critical for intelligent and informed decision-making."

"We see many enterprises who struggle to adopt new NoSQL technologies due to internal organizational obstacles," says DBS-H CEO Amos Shaltiel.

"We are very excited to be able to bring a solution to many of these obstacles by delivering an end-to-end solution for integration and BI/Reporting in one box."

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