Splice Machine to Move to Open Source, Give Early Access to Developers

Splice Machine to Move to Open Source, Give Early Access to Developers

Splice Machine today announced that its relational database management system, the first dual-engine RDBMS powered by Hadoop and Spark, is moving to open source. The company is actively seeking contributors and thought leaders in database architecture and distributed systems to guide and support the transition, develop best practices and help shape next-generation features that suit the open source community.

"The evolution of Splice Machine from being the first transactional RDBMS on Hadoop, to incorporating Apache Spark as an analytical engine, has been amazing to watch as a member of their Advisory Board," said Mike Franklin, former Chair of the School of Computer Science at UC Berkeley, and incoming Chair of Computer Science at the University of Chicago. "Our AmpLab at Berkeley has initiated many open source projects, including Apache Spark, Apache Mesos and Alluxio (formerly Tachyon). I applaud Splice Machine in taking the leap and joining the open source community."

Splice Machine will continue to add new features. It currently offers:

  • ANSI SQL-99 coverage, including full DDL and DML
  • ACID transactions with Snapshot Isolation semantics
  • In-place updates that scale from one row to millions with a single transaction
  • Secondary indexing in both unique and non-unique forms
  • Referential integrity, such as Primary and Foreign key constraints
  • Join algorithms like broadcast, merge, batch nested loop and more
  • Resource isolation enabled by a cost-based optimizer

"Splice Machine has been a long-time contributor to the HBase Community," said Michael Stack, Apache HBase Project Management Committee Member and Engineer at Cloudera. "I am excited to see them joining the open source world, and I look forward to helping them through this process."

Apache HBase, an open-source distributed database modeled after Google's BigTable, is one of the key building blocks of Splice Machine and is what enables real-time updates on top of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO of Splice Machine said, "Our whole team is eagerly anticipating the contributions that going open source can enable. We also look forward to being more active within the open source communities beyond our participation around HBase and Spark."

Splice Machine is currently looking for contributors, mentors, sponsors and champions.

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