Data Science Jobs Report Q1 2017

Data Science Jobs Report Q1 2017

Hello, aspiring data scientists! We're working hard to bring you the latest information, research and employment-related statistics on data science jobs. Here's a quarterly report on the state of the data science industry powered by icrunchdata. We sample a variety of job boards and employment sites, along with our proprietary research to compile a quick glance at the United States data science jobs market. Segments reviewed this quarter are:

Data Scientist Salary Estimates

13% = Up to $75,000 USD
29% = $76,000 to $100,000 USD
22% = $101,000 to $115,000 USD
15% = $116,000 to $130,000 USD
21% = $131,000 or greater USD

Top 10 Cities for Data Science Jobs

1. San Francisco, CA
2. New York, NY
3. Boston, MA
4. Chicago, IL
5. Seattle, WA
6. Washington, DC
7. Austin, TX
8. Denver, CO
9. Atlanta, GA
10. Portland, OR

Top 10 Data Science Jobs by Title

1. Data Scientist
2. Cybersecurity Analyst
3. Data Analyst
4. Data Architect
5. Statistician Data Scientist
6. Master Data Scientist
7. Data Strategy Consultant
8. Quantitative Analyst
9. Fraud Prevention Analyst
10. Biostatistician Data Scientist

Top 10 Trending Skills for Data Scientists

1. Cybersecurity
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Machine Learning
4. R
5. SAS
6. SQL (Structured Query Language)
7. Data Visualization
8. Apache Hadoop
9. Data Integration
10. Python Programming

Job Type Breakdown

Permanent (includes full- and part-time) = 93%
Contingent (includes contract, internship and temp) = 7%

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