Introducing icrunchdata 3.0 - Bridging the Content Chasm

It's been quite a journey for our brand over the years, and I'm excited to share some big company news and updates. Before we get into that, I want to share a quick story. When we originally started icrunchdata 13 years ago, the data space (as we now know it) didn't really exist. We grew from the basis of a sub-culture of fellow stat geeks and wanted to provide a neat place for jobs. What I never realized was how challenging job platform development was going to be.

After the first couple years, we quickly discarded our (1.0) platform and methodically developed a new one over the subsequent 10 years. And although it's not commonly known, the complexities that go into a job platform are staggering and infinitely complex. I'm personally the one who led the product development of (2.0) and discovered an inner love for building things I never knew existed, and so it will be a decade I'll never forget. However, with a rapidly changing climate in technology, it was evident that it was time for innovation and change again. And with that in mind, I'd like to introduce something I'm extremely excited about – icrunchdata 3.0. My team and myself have worked very hard on this and with thoughtful purpose over the past year.

What inspired and what is icrunchdata 3.0? Let me share...

Firstly, we've completely re-invented to include content beyond just jobs. We're human after all, and we share a thirst for connectivity, knowledge and growth aspiration; which far exceeds job searching. And with our beloved audience in mind, we wanted to offer something unique and special this time – an amazing blend of content from news, jobs and industry events curated beautifully and thoughtfully for you to share and engage. This was no easy task to accomplish, and I'm super proud of the outcome. Yes, this means change! The good news is our enhancements are meaningful, let me list a few...

1. Insights.

Our content team has done an amazing job of curating and publishing some of the best stories you'll find in our shared space. To do this right, this content deserves and needs it's own platform and web design. So that's exactly what we did with icrunchdata Insights blog, including article contributions from great industry leaders and business minds over the world. You'll love what you discover here.

2. Jobs.

The demand for talent is unlike anything we've seen before in history. Our world has changed in permanent ways to include this new frontier in data. With (3.0) we wanted to be different and completely innovate your experience and the way employers and job seekers connect. Traditional job search is inefficient in my opinion, and we wanted to take steps toward a better approach. So in a collaborative effort, we built a SMART job platform. And numerous ways to promote your employer brand to passive seekers. Some high points are...

  • A true end-to-end content marketing platform for recruitment advertising (enabling employers to tell their story)
  • A SMART Network approach to job ads (vs just the aggregation abyss)
  • Predictive job distribution with a unique campaign for each job (rather than bucket approach)
  • True profile creation (so we can get to know you)
  • Lower price point for posting jobs with feature add-ons
  • Cohesive ad products that take advantage of ALL our platforms and our ENTIRE audience (not just the small percent of active job seekers)
  • New e-commerce platform (secure and simple)
  • New employer spotlight units (brand play opp)
  • Personalized campaign management (to understand your needs and embrace the nuances of our approach)

Harmonizing Content

So how can we blend content in a simple way, and yet keep our brand nicely compact and with concise messaging? Again, not easy! However, with the help our some incredible minds and in particular our new Editor-in-Chief, we have carefully accomplished this. Our new (3.0) version harmonizes content in several ways including feeds across our platforms. And our Insights team has already been publishing articles on trending jobs and (coming soon) events to attend. Our popular newsletter brings this to you weekly, and of course the same content can always be found living on our site. With version (3.0) marks the biggest change in our company's history and it might take a moment to completely take it in. Be assured it's been done with incredible thought and attention to detail. With this approach you'll find more of what you're looking for, and learn things you never knew existed. It represents the future of professional connectivity (even beyond social). After you absorb it a bit, I'm confident you'll love what we've done, and who we are now.

So what's next?

Our new architecture with harmonized content is a huge win for us. Moving forward, you'll see enhancements to features, incremental improvements, and tweaks to messaging and content curation. We have some amazing things in beta to go-live later this year, too. I'll do my best to keep you informed with our bigger enhancements.

I want to thank every single one of you – our customers, users, readers and followers for being so patiently engaged as we share this incredible space into the future. I along with the entire icrunchdata team look forward to helping you take your company and professional aspirations to the next level. Your thoughts and ideas are welcomed and appreciated, so keep the feedback coming.

Article written by Ron Emery
Image credit by Getty Images, E+, konradlew
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