New Platform Employs Predictive Data Modeling, Machine Learning for Marketing Insights

New Platform Employs Predictive Data Modeling, Machine Learning for Marketing Insights

[24]7 announced yesterday that it has launched the [24]7 Customer Acquisition Cloud, a suite of marketing technology solutions that enable marketers to better connect with and influence consumers at every touch point. The suite is based on the acquisition of Campanja, a paid search bid optimization company, and EngageClick, a personalized marketing company. Combined with [24]7's predictive customer engagement platform, the Customer Acquisition Cloud gives marketers insight into the entire customer journey, from initial search to the point of purchase.

Marketers in large organizations are increasingly challenged to provide the personalization that consumers have come to expect. The Customer Acquisition Cloud empowers companies to achieve more effective customer acquisition at lower cost, increase their understanding of how media spending is driving revenues through marketing campaigns and leverage the consumer interactions that happen annually on the [24]7 platform.

"Personalization is the key to acquiring new customers and retaining them," said PV Kannan, founder and chief executive officer of [24]7. "When companies deliver personalized, contextual interactions from the beginning of the customer journey, they find that it becomes much easier and less expensive to attract new customers. With this new suite, marketers can better influence consumers as they make critical purchasing decisions."

Advanced Bid Optimization Delivers Better Search Results at Lower Cost

With the acquisition of Campanja, [24]7 now offers Advanced Bid Optimization software that is helping online advertisers increase gains in the performance of their search campaigns. Campanja's software combines automated, high-frequency bidding with predictive data modeling to allow marketers to accurately predict the true value of search clicks and adapt instantly to changes in search patterns. When paired with [24]7's customer intent data, the result is a highly personalized search campaign that improves effective customer acquisition at a lower cost.

The addition of Campanja's Advanced Bid Optimization solutions to the [24]7 marketing technology stack brings together the aspects of customer engagement and customer acquisition. Companies using this solution will be able to personalize offerings and services throughout the entire customer journey.

Predictive and Personalized Content Marketing Platform Helps Marketers Better Connect with Consumers

With the acquisition of EngageClick, [24]7 now delivers a content personalization platform that continually improves marketing content and consumer engagement across inbound and outbound channels, by fine-tuning the experience for each consumer over time. As part of the Customer Acquisition Cloud, the solution leverages machine learning and cognitive science to adapt to customer behavior over time.

Personalized content and optimized experiences ensure consumers are getting the best marketing offer, at the optimal time and in the ideal format. Programmatic content technology adds intelligence to media buys – a critical component for keeping customers engaged and helping marketers better understand their audiences.

A machine learning system, integrated with several data sources and data platforms, combines software for predictive prospecting (what prospects might like to buy), retargeting (determining what consumers wanted in the past) and predictive optimized targeting (forecasting what they will likely want in the future) to determine outcomes for each consumer. This adaptive system then selects the best digital content delivery channel to present a customized offer for each individual customer.

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