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icrunchdata has launched an artificial-intelligence-driven job posting platform, aimed in part at filling data science jobs. The job board uses AI analytics to match job seekers with jobs in data science, analytics, tech and "everything big data." The difference in this and traditional job boards is that there is no need for applicants to search for jobs using keywords. Instead, the applicant fills out a profile and the AI instantly identifies job opportunities based on skill set, experience and preferences filters.

The platform works much the same way for job posters. Once the job listing is entered, the system immediately delivers a list of active and passive job seekers from a database of 3.5 million candidates.

"For employers, when they post jobs, AI uniquely optimizes each posting and adaptively distributes jobs based on real-time performance monitoring on an extensive network of 1,000+ targeted niche sites," according to the announcement. "This performance-based distribution produces higher rankings on search engines and paid job sites, resulting in an average increase in qualified response of 200 percent."

The effort is aimed at helping fill the data science talent shortage by making it easier to find and match resumes for both the employer and the job seeker.

"Job seekers and employers will absolutely love this upgrade," says icrunchdata CEO + Founder Ron Emery in the announcement.

"Our mission is to connect the human side of data, and we do that by understanding the needs in the data science space and employing innovative artificial intelligence that hasn't been offered before now. In this data-driven approach, we're helping our customers secure remarkable data science talent and elevate the careers of our audience."

icrunchdata does have a traditional job search function as well wherein you can enter a job title and geographical area and get a list of search results. To use the new AI function, you need to fill out a profile form on yourself under the "Find a Job" tab.

It's interesting to do the traditional job search on the platform first, and then fill out the profile and compare what the AI delivers to your inbox.

As a reminder, AI learns over time so this system will presumably improve as it ages.

Know of any other AI powered job posting platforms?

Original article written by Pam Baker — Published on FierceBigData