Leveraging Programmatic Media to Drive a Retail Sales Boom

Leveraging Programmatic Media to Drive a Retail Sales Boom

In a fully connected world it is natural that retailers use technology for high business performance. As the industry seeks to know more and more about consumers and how to prepare unique and differentiated products, retailers need to understand how to give their customers a quality service and an efficient shopping experience.

An excellent example of this is Children´s Day in Brazil. In Brazil Children's day is celebrated by kids receiving presents from their parents.  Retailers aim to boost sales for this date, but how do they maintain the quality of ads and direct these offerings to the audience in an increasingly assertive manner?

The answer is in one of the most important tools of digital marketing: programmatic media. This technology platform uses data diversity provided by Big Data and improves the targeting of online campaigns to digital consumer desire using Artificial Intelligence.

The Children's Day in Brazil is a good example of a seasonal period that can benefit from this tool. In this situation it is essential to map the target audience profile. According to the web shop evaluation service e-bit, this period of time in Brazil brought in revenue of more than BRL $1 billion in 2014.  This corresponds to an increase of 17% compared to the previous year.

Learning to detect the best opportunities in real time, presenting them to the user and turning the user into a potential consumer can make all the difference when investing in digital marketing.

Today, programmatic media can access more than 3 billion different profiles, detecting each individual’s purchasing behavior, creating a database of demographic, psychographic and geographic stats amongst others. The programmatic media platform allows algorithms to analyze this behavior on the Internet, providing possible purchase intent and dynamic and determining which ad to serve to stimulate the consumer at that moment.

With an intelligent digital channel, programmatic media optimizes ads which enable retail advertisers to leverage profits and reduce costs, regardless of the product or sale being held.

Even with the current economic phase of Brazil, according to eMarketer, E-commerce in the country is expected to reach $19.79 billion USD in 2015, which is more than 41% of sales throughout Latin America.

A company that uses this data set has more strategic insights for its business and will know and accurately reach its customers at any time and will invest smarter and more effectively in marketing.

Article written by Edvaldo Acir
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