Programmatic Media and the Challenge of the Multi-Connected Consumer

Programmatic Media and the Challenge of the Multi-Connected Consumer

Programmatic media is an excellent tool for agencies and advertisers interested in strengthening relations with their target audience. According to the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) UK, programmatic media is the use of automated systems in the processes of the buying and selling of advertising inventories. This includes, but is not limited to negotiations by real-time auctions. Unlike traditional media buying, it seeks an individualized delivery of advertising with a highly optimized segmentation using artificial intelligence and data to reach consumers on any device in which it is connected at any time.

The programmatic innovation aims to expand throughout the marketing cycle as a means of boosting the performance of the results of practical and strategic manners through all media channels. A May 2015 study of the company Rocket Fuel by Forrester Research (one of the most influential research and consulting companies in the world) demonstrates how programmatic media can drive real results in up to 229% ROI to agencies and advertisers as opposed to non-programmatic solutions.

Besides improving ROI, programmatic adds further evaluation of the whole process of the marketing lifecycle and builds better connections with a company’s target audience.  The data generated by programmatic media also offers strategic ideas and practices to guide companies and agencies to success in online and offline campaigns with less spending.

In the same study presented by Forrester Research, 81% of marketers said they need to learn a better way to manage their data to achieve greater engagement with consumers. However, the organizations surveyed reported that one of the benefits of programmatic media solutions is the ability to make changes quickly during campaigns and the ability to provide an increased range of individual campaigns.

This new marketing model is a turning point for companies that want to be more objective with their brand and the media. And with this technology they can have multiple points of contact with the consumer. But this innovation is not the end of creativity or the smart and elegant use of the media. Quite the opposite. In March 2015 Dominic Grounsell, Global CMO of Travelex, during a panel on Programmatic Media Ad Week in Europe declared that programmatic media is not only about performance but branding.  "Industry leaders agree that creativity and Branding Marketing will dominate conversations about programmatic advertising this year, but education for brands is necessary for this adoption be faster and agile," added the executive.

Data illuminates what worked well in the past, but is not limited to the discovery of what may work in the future. One of the best benefits of programmatic is that it allows the test to be accessible and real-time for literally any idea or event you can imagine. It opens up possibilities.

Article written by Edvaldo Acir
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