Using Alternative Job Boards to Pin Down Opportunities - Market Street Talent

Using Alternative Job Boards to Pin Down Opportunities - Market Street Talent

You’ve heard the conventional wisdom: Searching for a new position can take up as much time as working a full time job. Here at Market Street Talent, matching IT professionals with the best opportunities is what we do – which is why today we’re exploring the value of using alternative job boards during your search.

After doing a little research, we found that alternative job boards can be a valuable resource for both candidates and employers. Why? Using these websites is a great way to focus your search from the start. The right board for IT professionals is going to be narrowed to include only technology jobs, which will help candidates concentrate their search right away. Job board sites also make it easier for hiring managers and recruiters to target their posts to an audience with specialized skills, which saves everyone time.

Serious IT candidates are already spending their valuable time networking, researching the companies they’d like to work for, and polishing their online social network to make the best impression. Using a job board that focuses on your area of expertise is an excellent way to find the right positions without wasting your efforts.

In fact, taking advantage of specialized alternative job boards is a great option to make sure you don’t miss the best opportunities posted by employers that don’t want to have to sort through candidates that aren’t qualified.

Did you know that more than half of the jobs out there for technology professionals are posted to specialized sites? According to an article posted on, the numbers show that: “Job posting to niche sites accounts for 62 percent of jobs posted.”

These websites can help you pull down offers you may not find in other places. That’s why we wanted to help get you started in your search by sharing a list of some of the best boards for IT professionals!

37Signals: This job board is connected to a network that includes industry leaders, including Apple and Facebook. They also hire top tech, design and programming talent.

Crunch Board: This job board is hosted through TechCrunch. It includes both job listings and editorial content.

Dice: This is one of the best-known sites for technology jobs. The job board here also allows you to form communities, to highlight areas of desired tech specialization.

GitHub: A code sharing community where you can network with other talented tech professionals. (Bonus tip: We share much more on how to use the site in the recent Market Street Talent post Tools of the trade: Are you showcasing your tech skills on GitHub?)

iCrunchData: Use this site to find jobs for people with specialized analytics and big data tech skills.

ITJobPro: Really ready to make your move? This job board features technology job listings from the U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Mashable: This is a resource for news, with a great tech job board on site.

TechCareers: The site is powered by and features a job board, educational tools and networking opportunities.

The above list is an overview to get you started. You can find more great job boards recommended by this article at – including We Work Remotely and Venture Beat – and a second article at Want to work from home? Check out the recommendations for boards that specialize in telecommuting tech jobs in this ITWorld article. In most cases, it costs money for employers to list a job opening but the service is free for job seekers.

And of course, no focused IT job search would be complete without checking the listings provided by Market Street Talent! We invite you to check back regularly for new opportunities, and send us your resume.