icrunchdata Leads the Way in Global Journalism for Big Data - Business Wire

icrunchdata Leads the Way in Global Journalism for Big Data - Business Wire

icrunchdata has done it again rolling out icrunchdata Insights as their content division as an extension of their already entrenched brand. icrunchdata Insights covers unique perspectives on how Technology impacts the global economy as well as our local communities. The icrunchdata Insights team of international writers is delivering groundbreaking news on edgy topics in Big Data, Mobile, Data Privacy, Cloud, Analytics, Social Media and Technology. From the hottest tech hubs in the U.S. to all international Technology markets around the world, icrunchdata news brings pointed views and journalism on all things Technology.

"icrunchdata was founded in 2003 to provide employers targeted solutions in job media for the Data, Analytics and Technology space," said icrunchdata Insights team. "The content division is an evolution of our brand and company to deliver views from all parts of the world from our writers that are 'on the ground' and entrenched in their local tech scenes."

With a diverse team of contributing writers, icrunchdata is quickly evolving into the digital channel with a global reach providing insights on emerging trends in Technology and their global impact. This move is a marked example of icrunchdata’s passion and dedication to this dynamic market.

“Our brand has always been about providing an intuitive platform for job search until now. This year we found the overwhelming purpose to bring the Technology community closer together through content on the hottest topics in the space. It’s a natural extension of our brand and a natural extension of our passion,” said icrunchdata CEO Ron Emery.