Two Minute Interview With icrunchdata - Dallas Business Journal

Two Minute Interview With icrunchdata - Dallas Business Journal

icrunchdata is on a crusade to personalize the online job experience. In 2003, the executive recruiters formed Texas-based icrunchdata because they felt the market wasn't adequately serving the data and technology industry. "Companies do not hire resumes, they hire people," says icrunchdata. The duo says their site is more robust then other job sites because it allows job seekers to network, post photos and offer references.

Q. What's the job market like in the data and technology industries?

A. Hiring for business intelligence, data modeling and statistics is extremely strong, even in a down market because companies need specifics on how to better identify their customer base to streamline their direct marketing and database marketing efforts. They want to make sure they are spending their money in the best direction, and they do that through business intelligence.

Q. How have job Web sites changed?

A. We see that employers' requirements and qualifications for recruiting are becoming narrower and the trend is moving away from larger, more general, job sites to more specific and narrowly focused job sites. We find it saves our clients time. They don't have to sort through a huge number of applications that are not qualified. They can be specific in looking for just data and tech people.

Q. Why is online professional networking an important tool for job seekers?

A. Networking has evolved away from going to local mixers and events to a global approach through the professional networking interface. LinkedIn, Facebook and My Space all have professional networking sites that are specific to one industry. People know they are just networking with their peers. We rolled out our professional networking Web site recently that allows users to network and communicate with people they know. They can endorse each other like a personal reference, so an employer who is looking at a resume and profile can see who their peers are, who they are connected to and read endorsements. It gives them a clearer picture of the candidate.