16 Standout News Articles in 2016

16 Standout News Articles in 2016

This year's most popular data science articles covered topics from healthcare, hiring and sports to new platforms, business strategy and market predictions. In a vast, fast-paced and ever-changing landscape, our content team is here to share news stories and perspective to help you stay sharp and informed on the latest technology happenings. Thanks for being one of our readers!

Let's take a look at our most popular articles in 2016. Click each title or image to read more.

16. Exclusive – Jennifer Lewis Priestley Talks Analytics and Kennesaw State University

By Editorial Team

icrunchdata News speaks with business leaders about the progression of their careers in analytics, what they are focusing on in their current roles and their interests outside of data. We recently spoke to Jennifer Lewis Priestley about her role and the progressive Ph.D. program in Analytics and Data Science at Kennesaw State University...

15. When Big Data Predicts Football’s Rising Stars

By Jure Rejec

During last year’s Big Data Week Conference in London, Malta-based entrepreneur Valery Bollier correctly foresaw that Leicester midfielder Riyad Mahrez would be the player to keep an eye on. “I’ll give you a prediction for this season: there is a footballer, named (Riyad) Mahrez. According to our game, he is at the moment the best midfielder in Europe, not just in England,” said Bollier during his presentation on Big Data, sports and online games back in November...

14. How to Keep Your Data Lake From Becoming a Data Swamp

By Ajay Khanna

Data lakes refer to massive storage of any structured and unstructured data at a big data scale. Data from various streams flow into the data lake and are available to cross-functional data scientists to examine and interpret patterns for predictive analytics and machine learning. On the surface, the idea sounds fantastic and full of possibilities...

13. 4 Ways Trillion Dollar Big Data will Affect Business

By Raj Kosaraju

It seems big data is in the news every day. Whether it’s about NSA fighting terrorism, online retailers predicting customers’ buying patterns or scientists forecasting the spread of Ebola, the big data landscape is growing through all sectors of the economy. And data streams from most areas of daily life – such as phones, credit cards, televisions, computers – with Amazon, Walmart...

12. How to Hire a Data Scientist – 9 Tips You Should Know

By Vaishnavi Agrawal

Understanding various information and putting them into perfect arrangements and creating applications for converting them into newer, dependable big data, all comes under a technology called data science. And currently, there is a high demand to secure people to fill data scientist roles. While programming is a must-have skill for candidates, there are certain additional skills...

11. Big Data Never Sleeps

By Raj Kosaraju

Big data is the ocean of information we swim in every day – massive zettabytes of data flowing from our computers, mobile devices and machine sensors. Perhaps the biggest surprise is the very diversity of the uses of big data and how it is already changing people’s everyday world. Many people see big data through the lens of the Internet economy, since Google and Facebook have so much data...

10. A Big Question for Big Data – Evidence or Judgment?

By Jason Li

We are in the midst of a Big Data vortex. The information from Big Data is impacting the ways we live and work, and it is said to be changing the way we think. Big Data quickly becomes the center of every business. Massive volumes of data arriving from multiple sources make people sit up and pay attention. While Big Data is on the rise, and we trust it can help us reveal hidden truths about our world...

9. 3 Critical Stages of HR Data Empowerment

By Joe Abusamra

Data is all-powerful. Data is all-encompassing. Data is all… too intimidating to use? This seems to be the case at many organizations, including those deploying people analytics solutions to address recruitment, onboarding, training and other HR and talent management needs. More than three quarters of companies are investing or are planning to invest in big data initiatives, according to Gartner...

8. Exclusive – Intuit ‎Director of Data Engineering Lucian Vlad Lita Talks Big Data Analytics

By Editorial Team

Lucian Vlad Lita is Director of Data Engineering for Intuit, the well-known business and financial management software company based in Mountain View, Calif. He leads the big data platform and large-scale, real-time data services group in the US and EU...

7. 7 Reasons Why the CDO is Here to Stay

By Myles Suer

A couple weeks ago, I got to attend the 10th Annual MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium – long title, but really interesting event. After spending 2 ½ days with Chief Data Officers and other data-oriented leaders, including a few CIOs, personally I had a much better understanding of the emergent CDO and the role they are attempting to play within their organizations...

6. How Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning Are Transforming Healthcare

By Werther Krause

Big Data in healthcare has tremendous potential to improve patient care and finally obtain reasonable costs. Healthcare spending is being curtailed and the focus is on reducing the expenses without compromising on the quality of care. This shift forces the healthcare organizations to open up for technology-based solutions that curb the need for costly spending...

5. Building High-Performance Data Science Teams

By Werther Krause

Analytics has become a top priority for many organizations looking to wring business benefits out of the data (structured, unstructured and semi-structured). Moreover, big data is still relatively new with many organizations, and its significance in business processes and outcome has been changing every day...

4. Proof that Data Trumps Intuition

By Myles Suer

I regularly teach business strategy in my management and marketing classes. As a part of this, I like to expose my students to the work of Michael Porter. This includes Porter’s concept of “stuck in the middle.” The premise of “stuck in the middle” is that companies that do not pursue cost leadership or product/service differentiation experience the lowest possible market returns...

3. How Machine Learning Affects Everyday Life

By Raj Kosaraju

Enterprises today are finding it exceedingly meaningful and resourceful in the massive amounts of data they generate and save every day. The required algorithms, applications and frameworks to bring greater predictive accuracy and value to enterprises’ data sets are available; therefore, businesses need to make sure they have data sets of sufficient size and quality...

2. Google Opens Machine Learning Platform to Developers

By Editorial Team

Google has announced plans to open its machine-learning software to developers. The multinational tech company is hoping this will attract more companies to its cloud-computing services, which already includes image identification, voice recognition and AI technology. The market for cloud-computing services is a competitive one, with Microsoft, Amazon and IBM offering similar products...

1. Big Data Market Worth Nearly $67 Billion by 2021

By Editorial Team

The Big Data market is expected to grow from $28.65 billion in 2016 to $66.79 billion by 2021, at a high compound annual growth rate of 18.45 percent, according to a new research report published by MarketsandMarkets. 2015 has been considered as the base year and 2016 as the estimated year for performing market estimation and forecasting. The forecast period is 2016-2021...

BONUS! 6 Big Data Predictions for 2017

By Editorial Team

The market has evolved from technologists looking to learn and understand new big data technologies to customers who want to learn about new projects, new companies and most importantly, how organizations are actually benefitting from the technology. According to John Schroeder of MapR, the acceleration in big data deployments has shifted the focus to the value of the data...

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