Tableau Announces New Capabilities for Analytics

Tableau Announces New Capabilities for Analytics

Today at Salesforce TrailblazerDX '22, Tableau announced new capabilities that empower developers to embed, extend, and customize analytics on any project.

Many organizations are now leveraging data as a strategic differentiator to better serve their customers and transform their business. However, using data effectively can present challenges for developers, including pulling data into all the right places or developing an analytics-focused architecture.

"We're letting our data developer community unleash its creativity with a flexible platform to help even more people see and understand data," said Francois Ajenstat, chief product officer for Tableau at Salesforce. "Our goal is to bring analytics in the flow of work by enabling developers to discover the data they need, leverage visualization and trusted exploration capabilities, and integrate analytics into their own applications."

Tableau helps organizations customize, integrate, and deploy analytics directly into applications, products, and web portals to drive smarter and faster decision-making. The Tableau Developer Platform includes application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs) to help anyone extend and customize Tableau's functionality.

"Every organization is unique, and every organization can benefit from the flexibility of Tableau's Developer Platform," said Andre de Vries, a Tableau developer ambassador and solutions engineer at The Information Lab. "Tableau offers the APIs and developer tools needed to quickly and efficiently embed, extend, and customize analytics to fit any business."

One of the company's key developer priorities is to enable embedded analytics — giving anyone the ability to bring analytics experiences into their own products and applications. Tableau Embedded Analytics allows data developers to embed Tableau's analytical experiences into their products and applications to empower their users and customers with data-driven insights.

Embedded analytics provide numerous benefits for organizations. According to Gartner1, "Business users benefit from case-specific analysis within their task flow, driving up data-driven decision-making.... [It also] enables ISVs to offer a full range of analytics and business intelligence (ABI) capabilities at scale without the cost and time involved in developing them."

JAGGAER, which is leading the drive towards autonomous commerce, leverages Tableau to give its customers the capabilities to curate data sources, consume and customize dashboards, and conduct self-service analytics, giving the company deep visibility, insight, and recommendations across supply chains.

"JAGGAER gives organizations the intelligence and analytics they need to make confident and strategic decisions around how they buy and sell," said Amenallah Reghimi, vice president, product management at JAGGAER. "Tableau's Embedded Analytics technology has been a key part of this journey and has empowered our customers with deeper, actionable insights to drive their business forward."

The new capabilities will provide developers the flexibility to:

  • Unlock more data, no matter where it comes from:

    • Web Data Connector 3.0 will provide a single, streamlined toolkit with the tools data developers need to build a connector to their web application data from end to end.
  • Embed the full power of Tableau into any application:

    • Embedding API v3 provides an easy way to embed and integrate Tableau analytics into any application using web components. Its redesigned process modernizes and improves the developer experience to save time and get companies to market faster.
    • Embeddable Web Authoring brings Tableau's best-in-class authoring experience directly into any application. Now, customers can edit a visualization directly from any application or web portal, allowing them to ask questions and make data-driven decisions in their flow of work.
    • Connected Apps for Seamless Authentication provides a modern, secure, and flexible authentication framework that allows developers to easily integrate Tableau into their own application with simple and secure authentication (single sign-on) for their customers.
  • Act on data insights directly in the flow of work:

    • Tableau Actions with Salesforce Flow allows anyone to trigger workflows in Salesforce Flow directly from a Tableau dashboard. This will help people quickly move from insights to actions – advancing business processes and eliminating problems that arise from having to flip between multiple applications to get work done.

Tableau is also making it easier for developers to upload offerings like Dashboard Extensions, Connectors, and Tableau Accelerators into the Tableau Exchange, the central hub to jumpstart analytics. Developers within the Tableau Partner Network can now submit, publish, and manage offerings on the Exchange, including a streamlined submission portal and increased visibility into how offerings are performing.

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