AES Gener

  • Santiago, Chile

From the company’s beginning, AES has understood how vital the work that we do each day is. In 1986, we began operating our first power plant in Texas, our 135 MW AES Deepwater facility. Today, we have operations on four continents in 18 countries that produce 240 times as much capacity through a number technologies and fuel types. We are generating power from diverse fuel sources from coal to gas to renewables such as wind, hydro, solar and biomass. Our distribution businesses in Argentina, Brazil, El Salvador, Kazakhstan and the US serve more than 10,000,000 customers.

Our vision for the company is clear. We want to be the world’s leading power company by safely providing sustainable and affordable energy. Our people share a passion to help continue to meet the world’s increasing energy needs while providing communities and countries the capability to grow through the availability of reliable and responsible electric power.

We know that together, we’re building the world’s leading power company.