• New York, NY, USA

We specialize in innovative, fun corporate challenges for large employers, and consumer challenges for people trying to get healthier. All of our challenges include cash prizes because nothing keeps people accountable and motivated like money. Our products are based on academic research and HealthyWage's years of experience. We love analyzing data, and we make all business and engineering decisions based on rigorous analysis.

Engineers are sometimes surprised to discover that the coding and architecture problems of a fitness innovation business (e.g., real time rankings, sophisticated search and team-creation functions, volume and scale, social tracking, graphing, security, etc.) tend to be complex and require sophisticated problem-solving and creativity.

Our challenges tend to attract media attention and have been featured in hundreds of outlets, including the Today show (three times), Good Morning America, The New York Times, The Washington Post (front page), as well countless social media posts by our hundreds of thousands of participants.

Our B2B clients include some of the largest employers in the world, including many Fortune 500 companies, school districts, insurance companies and many other types of employers.

We are a fully-remote but close team of nerdy, friendly, smart people.