• Chesterfield, MO, USA

S2Tech currently offers a diverse set of IT and Business Focused services. The realm of IT focused services includes Integration services, System Support services, and Website Development services. Quality services, Staff augmentation services, and Training services fall under our Business focused services. Each day we bring a unique depth of client and industry expertise to make our clients successful. Our client's success is, after all, the sole measure of our own success. S2Tech is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) in 13 states. Since 1999, we have provided Medicaid system development and enhancement services to Medicaid programs in 34 states and the District of Columbia. We have also provided technical services to a number of private and public companies. Today, we support legacy MMIS operations; HIPAA, NPI, 5010, ICD-10 and MITA assessment and remediation projects; and the evolving Java and .Net service-oriented architecture system development environments. We are currently engaged on two dozen projects nationwide providing both supplemental staffing and project-based support. In today’s Medicaid marketplace, few technical services companies can match S2Tech’s MMIS applications experience.