TCG Consulting, Inc.

  • Atlanta, GA, USA

About Us

The name of the company is TCG Consulting Inc. TCG Consulting, Inc. ... A Market Research and Marketing Communications Consulting Firm Striving to Exceed Our Clients’ Expectations by Delivering Value Added Professional Services

Mission Statement

Exceed client expectations by delivering value-added professional services.


  • Cooperation | We value teamwork, internally and externally.
  • Employees | We value hard work and dedication, together we celebrate our successes. 
  • Integrity | We value honesty and expect individuals to exercise good judgment. 
  • Relationships | We value our retlationships with our clients, employees, and partners. 
  • Reputation | We value the reputation our firm has established. 
  • Responsiveness | We value our clients. Responding to their needs is our priority.

At TCG, we understand that an effective marketing communications strategy, grounded in fundamental market research, is an essential element in all successful marketing and communications projects.   

Listening to the voice of the consumer is the first step in developing an effective marketing communications plan. TCG specializes in designing, administering and analyzing market research studies; devising, implementing and evaluating marketing communications strategies; and supporting tactics for an array of government, non-profit and commercial clients.