iTrellis LLC

  • Seattle, WA, USA

We are an IT Consultancy focused on providing custom software solutions for our clients.

Our Consultants take responsibility for Software Programs, Projects, and supplement other development teams. They can build ‘Full Stack’ solutions, introduce point-specific technologies, and do so in a way that provides performance management metrics and visibility for individual teams to large scale and complex multi-team efforts.

We adhere to Agile Principles across our development teams, and have found the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to serve as an effective guide for planning, dependency management, and change management for our Clients who want to adopt Continuous Delivery development techniques.

We work to understand our Client’s business strategy and existing capabilities, so that we provide a cost effective mix of People, Processes, and Technologies for solutions and change management programs. We provide our Clients with Program/Project Managers, Business Systems Analysts, Developers, and Release Engineers. Together with our Clients, we build the Solutions they want.