Cyber Secure Central

  • Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Cyber Secure Central is a multinational tech company, with a focus on cyber security. We offer a plethora of services to a global market, in which the Cyber Security industry is growing at an exponential rate. In today’s age of information and technology, individuals as well as businesses and governments are at risk from being targeted by cyber bullies, activists and hackers with an array of detrimental intentions. Loss of/distortion of: private/sensitive data, websites, systems, hardware and networks is a disastrous eventuality that everyone ought to prepare for, mitigate, combat and insure against. Hence we not only provide education, training, protection and remedies, but also strive to raise cyber security awareness and promote good cyber security hygiene. Thus we also offer a forum for the general public at large, where cyber security news and issues can be discussed. Furthermore we provide premium quality HR services for employers and job seekers wishing to recruit and work in the fields of Cyber Security and technology.