Outlook Amusements

  • Burbank, CA, USA

Outlook Amusements, Inc. is not your average company in a ‘ho-hum’ industry. We are a family of brands dedicated to developing technology and building connections that enable peace of mind. Our team connects top-ranked premier personal advisors with people world-wide looking to gain self-awareness and a clear life-path direction.

We are passionate champions of our customers’ needs, our advisors’ talents and our team members’ goals. We believe that every connection is an opportunity to empower the individual to reach their full life potential.

Our Mission is to be a positive force in people’s lives, and we live it every day. We touch 1000’s of customers each month who seek guidance, insights, direction and reassurance in their lives across our three brands: California Psychics, Psychic Encounters, and the in-culture Spanish language brand, Conexiones Psiquicas. 

This position is in our Company’s corporate headquarters in Burbank, California.