RE Insight

  • Irvine, CA, USA

RE Insight delivers data analytics and big data infrastructure strategies to help real estate and alternative investment companies leverage data assets into competitive gains.

Managing real estate data presents unique challenges: Physical assets are constantly generating a treasure trove of data. However, capturing this data, in real-time, throughout a property and then processing it across the portfolio into useful information that can be acted upon, requires significant forethought in data architecture design.

Many companies are not able to take advantage of all the data sets—both internally and externally—available; others have data sets that are siloed from their main data repository and reporting systems. Knowing how to integrate and store the data sets into a consolidated tool ensures you don’t miss out on important information that could drive better decisions.

The RE Insight team has devised a unique solution to capture useful data and generate actionable insights for our clients to act upon. We help companies determine which data sets to go after – from existing infrastructure and third parties – and provide the solution for:

  • Storing the data (data lakes, databases)
  • Processing the data (edge computing, cloud computing)
  • Analyzing and reporting on the data (creating information)
  • Managing and monitoring the data pipeline