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  • New Jersey, USA

With ever changing business models, customer buying habits, Sales Channels, & global supply chains, demand for tailored business solutions is increasing. Off the shelf, pre-built solutions available in the market may not address the needs of an organization in an effective way.

Besides, with rapid technology evolution, it is sometimes difficult to sustain cutting-edge IT skills and provide expert internal resources to accommodate the changing and growing needs of the organization. The need for expert, experienced and result oriented application development partner is essential.

DataEdge, with its many years of experience in providing Enterprise level software development services will drive your organization to success by delivering custom built solutions using our deep technology expertise and domain knowledge. We provide all the expertise and innovation you need to compete in your marketplace.

We develop and support enterprise solutions in JAVA, .NET, Angular, Node, React, iOS & Android, DevOps, Cloud and related technologies.

  • Design N-layer software architecture;
  • Analyze your workflow and develop IT strategies;
  • Build and implement custom solutions;
  • Re­engineer your existing enterprise systems for better results.

Globally, Pharmaceutical industries have been under significant focus due to several world events recently. Events that led to public outcries to have governments spend more and more budgets in these industries and have a direct impact in the wellbeing of humanity. Skyrocketing costs of drug discovery & stringent measures from Regulatory Authorities have put the Pharmaceutical industry under duress to explore ways of addressing these effectively.

There are many laws and regulations that restrict the testing, patenting and distribution of pharmaceuticals, not to mention the marketing. Many companies are using IT as their arsenal to increase organizational efficiency both in Research & Development and general operations like; Manufacturing, Sales, Compliance, Customer Service and Logistics and of course in Promotion, to improve profitability. Our experience in the industry helps us to avoid illegitimate resources and ensure total compliance within our execution. Our skilled professionals will look at your needs, listen and offer a solution.

Roles within the sector are diverse, with requirements ranging from marketing specialists to biostatisticians. Research and development positions are critical to ongoing improvement within the sector and quality assurance experts ensure standards never dip. Business analysts, who work alongside the process of the pharmaceutical industry and look for areas to improve. And there is completely another side of execution on the business side; Manufacturing, Distribution, Finance, Quality Assurance, Advanced Planning, Warehousing, marketing including eMarketing, Medical Reps Management, Samples management, events, Provider forums, web-enablement & mobile.

DataEdge has invested heavily in establishing core competencies in its practice from Drug discovery, Sales & Distribution, Manufacturing, Finance Management, Marketing, Inventory/Warehouse Management, QualityManagement to System validations. Our consultants have executed many solutions in this segment and come with extensive experience in not only pharma specific business process knowledge combined with IT expertise, but also have required skills in FDA related 21 CFR Part 11 compliance procedures. This enables us to discuss solutions both on a technical and business level.

Our ongoing experience in providing IT services for this segment allows us to provide industry best practices to our customers. We deal with skills and technologies that span from project managers to ERP implementation experts and QA/Compliance experts.