Achievement Network (ANet)

  • Boston, MA, USA

ANet from the beginning, has believed that we can provide the best support to our partners if we spend time listening to their needs, then innovate after careful reflection.

The story of our growth follows the same pattern. For the first three years after our founding, we grew very little. Instead, we focused on refining our support for schools and our methods for delivering quality and consistency.​

Since 2008, we've grown both in geographic scope and in the types of partner schools that make up our network. Today, we serve over 700 schools and roughly 200,000 students in sixteen states. Our partners include district and charter schools, schools with sustained high performance and schools just building their practice, and schools that embrace a range of instructional approaches. The one thing they all share is a vision of opportunity through educational achievement for every child.

Since 2011, our growth has come increasingly through partnerships with district and CMO leadership teams in response to a need we heard for consistent, equitable support across all schools in a system. 

Our work is funded primarily through fees from our partners, but every school receives a partial subsidy thanks to our supporters. School and district partners cover roughly 80% of the cost to deliver our services, while the remaining 20% comes from philanthropic sources. ​