Toggl’s motley crew of tools developed over time just like this.

We hit productivity roadblocks, as every company does. And when we couldn't find a tool to fix it for us, we built one ourselves. We used the tool internally and perfected it to the point where clients and partners loved it too. And so, our project planning and hiring tools Toggl Plan and Toggl Hire were born.

Toggl is the shared brand for Track, Plan, and Hire. Three different products. Three related, but independent companies. All three companies share the same mission—to eliminate stress from the workplace.

Trust and respect are values mutually shared across all three companies. But each of Toggl’s companies nurtures its own culture, processes, and values.

Working at Toggl means dedicating your time to one Toggl product and company and becoming part of its unique microcosm, one that prospers inside Toggl.