The Tara Group

The TARA Group, LLC is a company founded by Jeff Ferguson and Drew Brighton, who met nearly 20 years ago when they were both working as consultants for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Jeff has a background as a leading political operative, specializing in the application of data and technology. While Drew has spent decades on the cutting edge of the consumer data industry.

In 2006, Jeff and Drew launched their first company, TargetSmart Communications, a political data company. Since then, they’ve gone on to launch several more successful companies that are all focused on applying the latest data, research and marketing solutions.

In 2016, Jeff and Drew reorganized their businesses under the umbrella of the TARA Group. Each TARA Group company operates independently, with its own CEO, corporate culture, clients, and work product. The TARA Group provides administrative support services, such as HR, legal, IT, and finance which reduces overhead, and allows our teams to focus on servicing their clients.