NATO Office of Resources (NOR)

  • Brussels, Belgium

The NATO Office of Resources (NOR) provides independent and integrated expert advice to the Secretary General, NATO Resource Committees, Allies, and other stakeholders on the planning, allocation and utilisation of military common funding made available to achieve NATO’s goals and objectives.

The NOR advice is based on sound judgement underpinned by facts, figures, expertise and knowledge. It follows NATO policies, procedures and standards, and is independent of external stakeholder’s viewpoints. It supports efficient and effective use of public funds by assessing the policy compliance, eligibility, affordability, technical viability, and lifecycle implications of military requirements and proposed solutions. Furthermore, the NOR facilitates resource-informed political decision-making.

Within the NOR, the Communication and Information Systems (CIS) and Cyber Capabilities Branch provides technical, financial, economic and political advice. Furthermore, it gives support regarding implementation of NATO common-funded CIS and Cyber capabilities, in particular regarding capital investments under the NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP) and operations & maintenance funded by the NATO Military Budget.