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Updated 2023—icrunchdata is proud to publish and host the latest cybersecurity job board index in the field of cybersecurity. Here you can find the latest labor information and future trends for high growth categories of employment in the United States. This cybersecurity job board report is taken from a sampling of the best cybersecurity job sites, our proprietary data from cybersecurity job boards and is compiled by our research team. This compiled research is focused on a particular skill set, so it's inherently quite targeted yet easily digestible at a glance. We'll be adding more information to this report, so stay tuned. Learn more about our IT job board platform.


Cybersecurity is a field of information technology that focuses primarily on the protection of data, source code, software, systems and all technology infrastructure from outside attack. These attacks can come in many forms including but not limited to viruses, spyware, malware, phishing, worms, and rootkits; or can be as simple as unauthorized access to these systems through password hacking. Organizations rely heavily on technology systems to be maintained safely and securely to host data and be operable when needed, and to block any attempted breaches from unauthorized parties. Hackers are motivated by different things so there is a challenge in understanding their motives. Some do it for financial gain or to impart financial loss on organizations, and some may do it for the sake of social, psychological or emotional reasons of hate. Like all criminal activity in the world, hackers are difficult to understand and pattern. However, there is much that can be done to prevent and guard and counterattack against such malicious activity. Many modern information technology systems are built with security in mind from an architecture standpoint and can be tested on an ongoing basis for vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can be blocked, and the information can be used to enhance next versions of software, or next-gen hardware. And additional measures of protection can be taken such as hardware and software firewalls, from third-party vendors. The digital transformation era has created even more security considerations for every industry such as banking finance, government, utilities and energy, manufacturing and transportation; just to name a few. The cycle of security prevention against hackers is ongoing, which requires a diligent effort be made by professionals with expertise in this field and has created countless cybersecurity jobs and employment opportunities.

The Future

As our world becomes more and more interconnected and dependent on information and data, the field of cybersecurity more deeply entrenches as a high growth sector of employment. Companies and governments worldwide have an increasing awareness and increasing investment in infrastructure to keep our systems stable and secure. If history is an indicator of future events, we can expect cyber threats to be on the rise in the years to come. As unfortunate as this is for us to understand, cybercrime is like any other crime and needs counter measure. This cycle will continue and even increase. Technology professionals, especially those with security clearance have a bright future in the field. Let’s take a look at some career considerations for cybersecurity jobs and how these impacts employment opportunities in the field.

Careers in Cybersecurity

This category of employment is growing at a rapid rate and presents countless opportunities to career professionals in the field of cybersecurity. Some research reports suggest there will be a talent gap of several million over the next several years to meet the hiring demand for cybersecurity jobs; and a double-digit growth rate is expected to continue for many years. Further, cybersecurity infrastructure investments are expected to be in the trillion-dollar range to combat the increasing number of large-scale attacks. The type of cybersecurity jobs created to meet this need will include positions that require expertise in programming, engineering, project management, consulting and even sales roles. You can also find many cybersecurity jobs here on icrunchdata by searching for popular titles listed below or customizing your job search. And be sure to check out our pro tips for job seekers.

Top 5 Job Titles

1. Cybersecurity Analyst
2. Cybersecurity Specialist
3. Information Security Analyst
4. Lead Cybersecurity Manager
5. Cybersecurity Engineer

Summary Reports

To bring our audience and the general community additional value, icrunchdata has started to release summary reports, trends, and relevant analysis related to jobs in the field including the data scientist salary report and the data science jobs index report.

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