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As a first-ever initiative, we are proud to publish and host the latest job board index in the field of Apache Hadoop. Here you can find the latest labor information and future trends for high growth categories of employment in the United States. This Hadoop jobs report is taken from a sampling of major job sites, our proprietary job board data and is compiled by our research team. This compiled research is focused around a particular skill-set, so it’s inherently quite targeted yet easily digestible at a glance. We’ll be adding more information to this report, so stay tuned. Learn more about our tech job board platform.


Apache Hadoop is a framework created from an open-source code project that was originally introduced by Google in 2006, with its early beginnings traced back to 2003. Hadoop utilizes a new data processing technique called MapReduce, which was created to solve many problems that existed for Google with indexing the web. Hadoop has since been utilized in many other applications, across numerous industries and has started to evolve its framework to become a very popular solution to numerous big data problems. Apache Hadoop is also comprised of a storage system otherwise known as HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) which allows for parallel data processing. It’s fluid structure and handling of data, and simplistic programming model makes Apache Hadoop a widely popular framework. It’s also very cost effective for organizations to implement given its open-source business model, and is highly scalable yet flexible to meet the big data demands of almost any business.

The Future

Like all open-source projects, Apache Hadoop will evolve at the pace of community development, its ability to solve problems and its adoption among organizations. And like most open-source solutions, there are gaps in its ability to meet all needs. For example, it was originally developed for the batch processing of data, and as such, doesn’t quite meet the needs that companies have for analytics and reporting. After Apache Hadoop came the onset of Spark, which was invented as a next-gen data processing engine which is specifically compatible with the aforementioned HDFS (Hadoop’s file system). This solves many problems for developers and also has created an interdependency between Apache Hadoop and Spark. In addition, there are many forward thinking components being developed such as Apache Hive, Apache Pig, and Apache HBase; which provide scalable solutions for data warehousing, data processing and data programming. This layered development to the Hadoop ecosystem creates sustainability and opportunity for organizations using it. The future of Hadoop and its adoption in industry applications continues to grow, which has created staggering employment opportunities and demand for Apache Hadoop expertise, and big data expertise. More information on big data jobs can be found here. In the big data landscape. Now let’s take a look at some career considerations for Hadoop jobs and employment in the field.

Careers in Hadoop

The demand in recent years for Apache Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig, and HBase experience has grown at a double digit rate. This growth is occurring with organizations across the globe and in all industries such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, media, energy and transportation just to name a few. It’s increasing popularity, scalable integration and deployment makes Hadoop a highly desirable expertise to have on one’s CV or resume. Big data and Hadoop jobs will stay in high demand for many years to come, with likely positions being in the area of Hadoop development and programming. Although most universities don’t have specialized degree programs for Hadoop specifically, there are certainly ways to learn and be trained on Apache Hadoop; as well as many big data certification programs that contain a Hadoop component. Check out the top 5 job titles for Hadoop jobs.

Top 5 Job Titles

1. Hadoop Engineer
2. Hadoop Developer
3. Hadoop Administrator
4. Hadoop Analyst
5. Hadoop Architect

Quarterly Reports

To bring our audience and the general community additional value, icrunchdata has started to release quarterly reports, trends and relevant analysis related to jobs in the field including the data scientist salary report and the data science jobs index quarterly report.

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