How It Works

Advertising your jobs online is the first and most cost-effective step in targeting, attracting, and reaching valuable talent before your competitors do. Here's a quick overview of how it works so you don't miss out on your next hire!

Our Audience

With industry-level positioning, icrunchdata reaches a targeted audience of elite professionals through high-quality content that is skill-based, interest-based, and most importantly, intent-based. Our platform provides unique and exclusive job opportunities, helpful information, tools, and industry insights to create a highly engaged and accessible audience.

Segments We Target

We help the world's most relevant brands build their influence through our IT job board platform. Our experience runs deep in all things Technology and Data. Here are some notable segments.

Analytics Artificial Intelligence (AI) B2B Technology
B2C Technology Big Data Biotech
Blockchain Business Intelligence (BI) Cybersecurity
Data Science Fintech Information Technology
Internet of Things (IoT) Machine Learning Martech
Risk Management Tech Education (e.g., University Programs) Tech Innovations

Industries We Serve

Built to serve all major industries and sectors, we help the world's best companies post tech jobs and run content on our premier platform. Find out how our innovative approach, extensive reach, and unique positioning can be leveraged into the talent acquisition strategy of your business.

Consumer Products & Retail Engineering Financial Services
Government Healthcare & Medical Higher Education
Hospitality & Entertainment Information Technology Insurance
Laboratory & Chemical Life Sciences Manufacturing
Media & Advertising Nonprofit Professional & Business Services
Security & Defense Transportation & Logistics Utilities & Energy


When trying to reach talent, audience engagement is one of the most important factors in determining your chances of success. Two important metrics that measure engagement and the quality of traffic are a) time-on-page and b) page-flow. These key metrics are the cornerstone that offers our employers the best value and highest quality traffic to their job posts and employer branded content.

The time-on-page metric is an excellent measure of the engagement and relevancy of our audience and content consumption. As you can see, our user engagement is very high with an average of over 3:00 minutes sitewide. Our Quick-Apply technology provides a seamless user experience for job seekers and routes easily to any employer destination email address or ATS. This reduces friction in the apply process and enhances job application conversions. In addition, our Quick-Post technology features a simple user experience for employers, with only three (3) steps to post your jobs. This reduces friction in the post process, as well, and improves job posting efficiency. For these important page flows, we have successfully achieved very efficient times, as seen below.

Engagement Graph copyright icrunchdata

Our team relentlessly collaborates to enhance and evolve our platform to meet the needs of various user perspectives and to maximize these metrics.

Budget Trends

Recent budget spending trends reveal an interesting mix of talent acquisition strategies, with a majority going towards job boards and recruitment advertising. Below you’ll see how things breakdown and how budget is allocated for employers in the United States.

Talent Acquistion Budget Trends copyright icrunchdata

Job boards and recruitment advertising (e.g., niche vertical, horizontal, aggregator) comprise the largest percentage of budget spend at 33%, recruiting agencies (e.g., contingent, retainer, contract) at 21%, sourcing tools (e.g., ATS, screening, CRM) at 20%, employer branding (e.g., content, display, email) at 15%, and the remaining other tactics (e.g., employee referral programs, job fairs and recruiting events) at 11%.

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Why Post your Jobs on icrunchdata?

We understand that today’s competitive talent acquisition landscape requires a modern approach. Our IT job board platform is highly evolved with advanced distribution channels to reach both active and passive job seekers. We offer meaningful differentiators on a per job post basis, including deep segmentation to target desired skills, location targeting to provide local market penetration, access to unique talent pools not found on other job sites, and ridiculously high user engagement – all of which translates into optimal outcomes for your IT jobs and employer branding.

Whether you want to post a single vacancy or an entire campaign, there are many advantages to posting on icrunchdata, including:

Low Cost

Our products and solutions for both job advertising and employer branding are inexpensive and provide tremendous value, especially when compared to traditional means of advertising and recruiting agency fees. We also offer a variety of tools, analytics, and support that ensure you get the most for your budget.

Wide Audience

Posting jobs with us will provide an excellent opportunity to get your branded messaging and career-related opportunities in front of the right professionals, and at the right time. When your job ads hit our platform, they are geo-targeted and skills-targeted with intelligent distribution to our exclusive niche audience, insights readers, and recruitment advertising network of elite professionals.


Our job board platform is fast and efficient. Posting your jobs is simple and effortless, and you’ll be able to see your proof of placement within seconds of submission. Employers have the chance to quickly reach engaged job seekers with the intent to apply.


Employers have control to see statistics for job views, job applications, and apply clicks. This provides the insight needed for return-on-investment considerations.

Ease of Use

We offer a simple and easy-to-use experience for both employers and job seekers. Account creation is free, and desired actions are intuitive. Most offerings are self-serve, and employers can even share an account with their team when using a group email address.

Support and Account Management

We offer support by live chat and email with quick turnaround times. Pre-sales phone calls are typically not necessary but may be scheduled for Enterprise needs. Our platform is built to be efficiently self-serve; though for multi-channel campaigns that include a mix of job advertising and media advertising, we offer dedicated account management for campaign deliverables.

Pricing & Features

How to Get Started

You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is begin reaching the icrunchdata audience. This can be done in the following steps, as described:

1. Create an Account

Simply create an account online. If you plan to share the account with your team, it’s recommended to use a group email address. Please note, your employer profile is hidden until there are active jobs associated.

2. Select a Product

Once you've created an account, you need to select the type of product to associate. The product you select enables your account to post jobs. Below are some products to consider:

  • Job post options – You have the option to select from simple one-off products including Standard Job Posts or Custom Job Packages for additional quantities.

  • Job slot options – Job slots are available through Monthly Memberships and by annual agreements. Job slots offer unique and immense flexibility in that each slot is a self-managed parking space for a job and can be hot swapped in real-time. This provides the extra features you need to keep your jobs fresh and relevant and to post unlimited jobs.

For more information about employer products, pricing, and features — Learn more.

3. Enter your Job Details

Here you'll be able to enter all your job details, including tags for targeting, description, application routing, and more. Now more than ever, it’s important to write a compelling job description to get noticed. Well-composed job content improves your chances of attracting the best candidates, reduces irrelevant applications, increases sourcing efficiency, and best promotes your brand.

Some important considerations to optimize your job content:

  • Audience targeting – Who am I trying to target, what will attract them to apply to my job, and how do we convert their application into a sourced candidate? Those are all questions that are important to ask oneself when posting jobs.

  • Job title selection – This is essentially the headline to your ad, so it is critical to have a commonly-known, self-explanatory job title associated to your job ad. While it is important to stand out, this is not the place for experimentation. Please avoid using any form of ambiguous job title that only translates internally to your organization and avoid using any spammy over-expressive job titles. Be clear and function-oriented when selecting a job title to promote. This enhances search optimization for both on-site and off-site search engine optimization (SEO) and is easily understood by job seekers when viewing your job.

  • Location targeting – Select your target market by city, state, and zip code. To geo-target a market, we require a unique job post per market. You may clone (or duplicate) jobs from within your employer dash to make posting in different markets very easy.

  • Clear and compelling job description – Begin with a concise yet compelling introduction paragraph and be sure to format your job description with easy-to-read structure. Similar to writing an attractive resume, job descriptions should use various heading and paragraphs, with use of bullets and lists so that any text is easy to read and understand. We support the use of plain text or HTML code within our online editor. But be sure to avoid accidental redundancies and erroneous formatting when copying and pasting from your career site.

  • Compensation – While many employers may prefer to keep salary, compensation, and benefits confidential, failure to provide this information drastically reduces applications. In today’s vast talent shortage, attracting candidates is more challenging than ever. It’s highly recommended to include information about compensation, salary, and any other incentives.

  • Application Routing – You’ll have the option to choose how you'd like to route job seekers during the application process. You may choose to receive applications to your email inbox, (or) you may choose to route job seekers to your website or ATS.

4. Complete Checkout

Here you'll be able to enter your credit card details and complete secure checkout. You'll receive an auto-generated receipt by email. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club payments.

  • For products available online – You can simply complete secure checkout through e-commerce.

  • For custom packages, annual memberships, and campaigns – You may request to receive a proposal from us. Upon agreement, you may submit any purchase order or insertion order, and then preferred billing by invoice.

Get Started

Employer Branding Considerations

In addition to getting your jobs posted, it’s important to consider how you position your employer brand. We do offer many excellent employer branding features as part of your job post, such as dedicated company webpage with logo, description, link, and list of your active job posts. For more comprehensive campaigns, we recommend harmonizing your job advertising with strategic employer branding plays to maximize your campaign. Our employer branding products include employer spotlight on homepage, featured display media, sponsored content, and social marketing.

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Please visit our FAQ to find the answers to frequently asked questions. For additional questions and support, please chat with us online or send a contact message. We’re happy to help and available M-F, 9 AM to 6 PM EST.