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Updated 2023—icrunchdata is proud to publish and host the most comprehensive IT job board report in the market sector of Information Technology. Here you will find an overview of emerging trends, information, and insights for this high-growth category of employment in the United States. This IT job board report is taken from a compilation of the best IT job sites, best it job boards, and best tech job boards including our proprietary data, along with interviews with industry experts, and independent research that has been curated by our research team. This compiled research is focused around a particular market sector to bring the most value to those who seek to understand and pursue careers in IT or to hire IT professionals. We will be adding more information to this report as it becomes available, so stay tuned.


Information Technology (IT) is the general term to describe the immense industry of computer technology and computer networks both online and offline, included but not limited to: software, hardware, database, data storage and the retrieval, analysis, communications, insight, and all information created, stored, and utilized from all its functional activities. Undoubtedly, Information Technology (IT) has been the cornerstone to one of the most significant industries known to mankind and in workforce history. In previous decades, the state of Information Technology was primarily focused on performing work more efficiently through leveraging computer systems. This was done largely with hardware and software applications to perform tasks. While that will always be a very relevant aspect of the industry, the attention in the past decade has been more so on making sense of the data resulting from these systems. It raised many data-related questions on how to best collect, store, retrieve, make sense of, protect – and ultimately – make use of data in meaningful ways. That leads us to where we are today with Information Technology as we head into the next frontier.

Further, to say Information Technology (IT) has transformed the world would be an understatement. Rather, it has become the most integral part of the worldwide economy, and it has tremendously impacted every aspect of our lives from the way to conduct business, relate, communicate, and interact with each other and the world. Every job in every industry has been reinvented to include aspects of technology, and professionals around the world are in high demand. There are many considerations and trends professionals need to understand and navigate as they pursue careers in the IT field.

Industry Challenges

There are many various challenges facing the IT industry. For example, keeping up with rapidly evolving technologies is extremely difficult for companies and consumers to adapt to and sufficiently maintain. It is difficult to reach and remain at a level of satisfaction as highly optimized and transformed methods of doing business change at such a rapid rate. Industry, and we as a people, are in a constant flux of updating, adaption, reinvention, disruption, and transformation through technology. While this could be considered a good thing, it also keeps companies and consumers constantly off-balance. In addition, we have ever-escalating threats on the security and privacy of every system hosted by any company and government entity. Both security and privacy are important topics that could be deeply explored on their own. Further, one of the greatest challenges is the ever-present and massive talent shortage in the technology industry and in all professional roles of IT jobs. Helping to bridge this talent gap is the primary purpose of our IT job board platform.

Role of Niche IT Job Boards

In today’s era of digital transformation, it is important to understand the latest talent acquisition strategies. While ATS software and job aggregators have landed themselves at the bookends, the niche IT job boards have richer content and a more valuable audience. In particular, the IT job board remains a highly utilized and effective investment to reach the most desirable pockets of talent by posting IT jobs.

However, the IT job board landscape has dramatically changed over recent years with big players consolidating and seeking alternatives to diversify or be acquired, which has created much disruption among IT job boards and IT job sites, and where to post IT jobs. Here at icrunchdata, we remain nicely positioned and have rapidly evolved our brand and offerings in the Information Technology (IT), tech, and the data-related marketplace. And as talent becomes increasingly more challenging to procure, you will benefit from our next-level thinking and talent solutions that reach your target audience.

Top Niche IT Job Boards for 2022

  1. Dice - Overall leader in tech jobs, with focus on programmers and developers in IT. They also host job fair events, originate content around hiring, and industry trends. Publicly traded on NYSE under the symbol (DHX) as DHI Group, Inc. 
  2. Stack Overflow - Preferred destination for programmers to learn through collective knowledge in a forum-style community website. They also have a careers website for talent acquisition.
  3. GitHub - Top platform for programmers, code writing collaboration, project management, repository, versioning, and productivity tools for tech professionals.
  4. icrunchdata - Job board leader in the niche of data science, analytics, and all data-related jobs since 2003, with competent crossover to Information Technology (IT), blockchain, IoT, and cybersecurity. They also publish latest industry news and insights on their blog.
  5. TechCrunch - Leading news publication for consumer and business technology, with a job platform for IT professionals.

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Education and Training

There are numerous universities and colleges that offer specialized high-tech degrees and graduate level programs for Information Technology. The academia landscape is highly competitive and requires a fairly substantial investment on the part of the student. With the shortage in talent and gap in skills becoming wider by the day, many top employers are beginning to lower their educational requirements to become hired. And, further, many of these same employers are offering on-the-job training in an effort to mold their necessary talent. With that being said, having a degree in computer science or the many post-graduate degrees in IT or even data science, are very valuable when it comes to applying to IT jobs. Any candidate with a specialized IT degree will, in most cases, have preferred consideration for interviews.

Careers in IT

The job market in Information Technology is thriving worldwide. All sectors including hardware, software, network infrastructure, communications, cloud, analytics, data science, cybersecurity, machine learning, and everything in between is showing demand. The highest level of growth seems to be focused on data science, analytics, and machine learning applications and supporting services. There is no better time to be in a technology field than right now.

Information Technology related careers are still among some of the highest paid in the workforce. When considering a career in IT, there are two compartmental philosophies in direction. First is the pursuit of a technical skilled trade, whereas the job itself has IT duties and responsibilities (e.g., programmer, software engineer, analyst, to name a few). Second is the pursuit of working at an IT or tech related company in a customer support role. The former plays an important role in the development of the various technologies offered by the employer, and the latter plays an important role in the sales, service, delivery, and support of those technologies (commonly known as the business unit side). Both career directions are in high demand and give ample opportunity for advancement, so it comes down to where natural fit exists and personal preference. Salaries and compensation, on average, tend to be a bit higher for the hands-on, technical roles. Both types of IT career directions are typically represented on any good IT job board that has enough diversity in IT job types.

There are numerous approaches to align with your next career move, including social networking, IT job sites, and IT job boards. Here at icrunchdata we are dedicated to being a gateway to some of the best job opportunities in IT. There are numerous top universities who offer excellent computer science, analytics, data science, and technology related degree programs. So, if you’re just starting out, this is a great place to begin. Staying informed on industry trends, top brands, and latest news can be very beneficial for career development. You can also find many IT jobs here by searching for popular titles listed below or customizing your job search. Below are some relevant lists and rankings as researched by our team for IT jobs and related workforce in the United States.

Top 10 Areas of Growth for IT Jobs

  1. Software and Application Development
  2. IT Support
  3. IT Management and Business Leadership
  4. Analytics – Data and Systems
  5. Engineering – IT and Data
  6. Security – IT and Data
  7. Data Science
  8. Architects – Data, Database, Applications, and Infrastructure
  9. Web Development
  10. General Tech Professions

Top 10 Requirements for IT Jobs

  1. Proficiency in the programing or scripting language associated to the given development environment (e.g., PHP, Java, C#, C++)
  2. Software development experience
  3. Ability to drive enterprise-level IT architecture
  4. Critical thinking and problem solving
  5. Lead discussions and collaborate with stakeholders
  6. Working knowledge of full stack technologies
  7. Former experience working on high-growth technologies
  8. Degree in computer science, information security, or a similar field of study
  9. Gather subject matter knowledge and data, define necessary projects, and coordinate their execution
  10. Knowledge of databases, and ability to troubleshoot root cause issues

Top 10 Emerging Roles

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer
  2. Data Governance and Compliance Officer
  3. Software Developer
  4. Cybersecurity and IT Security Engineer
  5. Cloud Developer
  6. Data Modeler and Data Analyst
  7. Database Developer
  8. Blockchain and DLT Developer
  9. Advanced Analytics Analyst
  10. Machine Learning Architect


Information Technology professionals may be paid in many ways depending on the type of employment relationship they have. Most are paid by salary when employed by a dedicated company, while others may be paid hourly when working on contract basis for a variety of companies. Contract IT professionals may work for a consulting firm or agency that services projects for its clients. Either type can be lucrative or rewarding depending on the preference. Below are some average salaries as researched by our team:

19% = Up to $75,000 USD

34% = $76,000 to $100,000 USD

21% = $101,000 to $115,000 USD

12% = $116,000 to $130,000 USD

14% = $131,000 or greater USD

The Future

The enormous IT industry and its extensive layers are undergoing constant change and evolution. We are heading into a new era where the surrounding focus tends to be on artificial intelligence and machine learning. IT jobs abound in almost every subspecialty imaginable, and talented professionals and organizations are inventing and experimenting with AI and machine learning to (at first) perform repetitive tasks and applications, then more cognitive decision making will follow. It is uncommon to even have a conversation about information technology that does not also involve AI. The backbone of AI is somewhat traditional from the perspective of infrastructure, but the layers of logic and its ability to process information, learn, and make decisions around that data is what makes AI and machine learning the next frontier. Where this will eventually lead is anyone's best guess, but for certain, there is an enormous amount of potential in artificial intelligence and machine learning to be harnessed and understood.


As you can see, the engineering, development, delivery, servicing, and support of various technologies is quite diverse, and each one comes with its own set of components and considerations. Accompanied with the fact that the IT industry is encountering a staggering rate of growth, there are many challenges and opportunities facing companies, professionals, and the industry as a whole. Thanks for visiting the IT Job Board Index. We hope it adds value and prosperity to the careers of the hardworking professionals in the field and the companies who hire them, and that together, we can support the ever-growing needs of the world. Additional information can be learned by reading our popular related index reports below.

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