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icrunchdata is proud to publish and host the latest job board index in the field of information technology (IT). Here you can find the latest labor information and future trends for high growth categories of employment in the United States. This IT jobs report is taken from a sampling of major job sites, our proprietary job board data and is compiled by our research team. This compiled research is focused around a particular skill-set, so it's inherently quite targeted yet easily digestible at a glance. We'll be adding more information to this report, so stay tuned. Learn more about our tech job board platform.


Information Technology (IT) is the general term to describe the immense industry of computer technology and computer networks both online and offline, included but not limited to; software, hardware, database, data storage and the retrieval, analysis, communications, insight and all information created, stored and utilized from all its functional activities. Undoubtedly, Information Technology (IT) has been the cornerstone to one of the most significant industries known to mankind, and in workforce history. In previous decades, the state of information technology was largely focused on performing work more efficiently through leveraging computer systems. This was done largely with hardware, and software applications to perform tasks. While that will always be a very relevant aspect of the industry, the attention in the past decade has been more so on making sense of the data resulting from these systems. It raised many data-related questions on how to best collect, store, retrieve, make sense of, protect (and ultimately) make use of data in meaningful ways. That leads us to where we are today with information technology as we head into the next frontier.

The Future

The massive industry of information technology and its extensive layers is undergoing constant change and evolution. We are heading into a new era where the surrounding focus tends to be on machine learning and artificial intelligence. IT jobs abound in almost every sub specialty imaginable, and talented professionals and organizations are inventing and experimenting with machine learning and artificial intelligence to (at first) perform repetitive tasks and applications, then more cognitive decision making will follow. It’s uncommon to even have a conversation about IT that doesn’t also involve AI. The backbone of AI is somewhat traditional from the perspective of infrastructure, but the layers of logic and the its ability to process information, learn and make decisions around that data it is what makes machine learning and AI the next frontier. Where this will eventually lead is anyone's best guess, but for certain there is an enormous amount of potential in machine learning and AI to be harnessed and understood. More information on machine learning jobs can be found here. Now let’s take a look at career related considerations for IT jobs and employment in the field.

Careers in IT

The job market in information technology is thriving worldwide. All sub sectors including hardware, software, network infrastructure, communications, cloud, analytics, data science, cybersecurity, machine learning and everything in between is showing demand. The highest level of growth seems to be focused around data science, analytics and machine learning applications and supporting services. There is no better time to be in a technology field than right now. There are numerous approaches to align with your next career move, including social networking and employment sites. Here at icrunchdata we are dedicated to being a gateway to some of the best job opportunities in IT. There are numerous top universities who offer excellent computer science, analytics, data science, and technology related degree programs. So if you’re just starting out, this is a great place to begin. Staying informed on industry trends, top brands and latest news can be very beneficial for career development. You can also find many IT jobs here on icrunchdata by searching for popular titles listed below or customizing your job search. And be sure to check out our pro tips for job seekers.

Top 10 Job Titles

1. Data Scientist
2. Software Developer
3. IT Security Engineer
4. Big Data Engineer
5. Cloud Developer
6. Data Analyst
7. Database Developer
8. Application Architect
9. Advanced Analytics Analyst
10. Java Developer

Quarterly Reports

To bring our audience and the general community additional value, icrunchdata has started to release quarterly reports, trends and relevant analysis related to jobs in the field including the data scientist salary report and the data science jobs index quarterly report.

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