Job Advertising Guidelines

In connection with the Terms of Use, the following Job Advertising Guidelines shall apply:

1. GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR JOB ADVERTISING. The following general guidelines shall apply to any Job Advertising submitted to the Site:

a) icrunchdata reserves the right of revision and approval of any submitted Job Advertising and the right to provide any guidance, as may be needed, in aligning your content to our audience.

b) It shall be the sole responsibility of any Employer to research, create, compose, proofread, and fact check, if applicable, any Job Advertising.

c) Each job ad must be for a unique job position and location.

d) Users should be able to browse, view, and read the entire job ad without a registration or login required, and there should be no fees to apply.

e) The application process should not be intercepted by any promotional offers.

f) Any personal information provided by Users, whether in an application or any other form, should be considered private and held confidential.

g) Job descriptions and company descriptions must not contain any embedded images or links of any kind.

2. DATA REQUIREMENTS FOR JOB ADVERTISING. icrunchdata requires the collection of certain data for Job Advertising, whether by manual input or automatic feed, as follows:

a) Email (account holder)

b) Company Name (employer or company name)

c) Website (homepage or career portal link)

d) Job Title (title of job)

e) Job Location (city, state, country)

f) Job Type (full-time, part-time, apprentice, contractor, intern)

g) Skill Tags (multi-select, 1 required, maximum of 10)

h) Job Description (description of job in HTML or plain text.)

i) Job ID (optional)

j) Salary (optional)

k) Video (optional)

l) How To Apply (email address or link for routing applications)

3. SPAM IN JOB ADVERTISING. The following shall apply to any Job Advertising submitted to the Site:

3.1. General Spam. Any content or link to content that may be low quality, fake, false, inaccurate, fraudulent, deceptive, misleading, libelous, defamatory, immoral, hateful, offensive, obscene, sexually explicit, discriminatory, disruptive, threatening, harassing, abusive, or that may violate any state, federal, or international laws, shall be considered spam (“spam”) and shall be prohibited and removed from the Site at the sole discretion of icrunchdata, including without limitation, any:

a) Unclear, unreadable, unrecognizable, or anonymous content, including hidden text and hidden links.

b) Link to third-party websites other than those that are owned or licensed by you.

c) Automatic popup, popunder, download, or content that blinks, flashes, or rapidly animates whether on click or mouse-over.

d) Third-party tag, JavaScript, iframe, or any other third-party tracking tag.

e) Use of the icrunchdata name or logo.

f) Solicitation or offer to enter in any contest, tournament, competition, or sweepstakes.

g) Offer or requirement to participate in any survey, focus group, or market research study.

h) Pyramid scheme, club membership, distributorship, or multi-level marketing opportunity.

i) Endorsement or promotion of a political party, political agenda, political position, religion, or that raises awareness of any social issue.

j) Solicitation to take action on any promotion other than what meets the acceptable use of the Site.

k) Solicitation of anyone that is a minor or under eighteen (18) years of age.

l) Content or act that may violate intellectual property, including copyright, trademark, patent, or any other intellectual property right.

m) Content or act that may violate any non-disclosure agreement, non-compete agreement, or any trade secret right.

n) Content or act that may violate any law or right related to labor and employment, equal opportunity and employment eligibility requirements, data access and use, or privacy.

3.2. Specific Spam. The additional shall be considered spam and shall be prohibited and removed from the Site at the sole discretion of icrunchdata, including without limitation, any:

a) Content that does not represent a genuine opportunity.

b) Content that attempts to sell, promote, or advertise any product, service, or event.

c) Duplicate content, including any unnecessary replication of job ads.

d) Job title that does not accurately represent the description.

e) Job title that contains location information or any other messaging.

f) Job location that is non-specific or stated as "anywhere".

g) Job description that contains an email address, link, image, video, JavaScript, or iframe.

h) Relocation requirement that is not clearly stated.

i) Redirected application link that does not resolve to a consistent job as posted on the Site.

j) Opportunity that requires payment in order to apply, for training, or for training materials.

k) Commission-only opportunity that is not clearly marked as commission-only and does not describe the product or service being sold.

l) Casting call, offer, or audition for modeling, acting, or talent management.

m) Domestic household role including nanny, housekeeper, personal assistant, baby-sitter, or any other domestic role.

4. RIGHT OF REMOVAL. icrunchdata reserves the right of removal and may remove, without notice, liability, penalty, or limitation, any content at its sole discretion that may (i) be considered spam, or (ii) violate or lead to violate this Master Agreement, or (iii) violate or lead to violate any applicable laws, rules, regulations, or third-party terms of any kind, (iv) violate or lead to violate the rights of, harm, or threaten the safety or privacy of any individual, entity, or agent, or (v) adversely affect icrunchdata or any other individual, entity, or agent in any way.