RPA Technical Solution Architect

  • GM Financial
  • Arlington, TX, USA
  • May 22, 2019
Full-time Agile Data Analysis Information Security Information Technology (IT) Process Management Risk Analysis Scrum Software Development Training

Job Description

The RPA Technical Solution Architect is responsible for overall RPA workflow solution design and provides support to create / update the RPA solution architecture design documents. The role works with RPA Business Analysts, IT and Cyber Architects, and business partners to communicate abstract concepts to stakeholders, design and deliver technical process automation solutions, and ensures the efficient optimum development functionality of software automation robots.

This role discovers and assesses processes for automation. Creates new Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Bots, and or improve existing automation initiatives, run tests, develop prototypes and create technical documents and manuals relating to RPA development. Evaluates RPA technologies and make recommendations for best uses for the company.

RPA Architects are involved in training other team members in areas of automation programming techniques and RPA software automation development. RPA Architects oversee the RPA design process from product design to testing and modifications and are involved in every step of the development process. This involves creating models and prototypes, evaluating potential risks and defects, analyzing specifications and customizing applications for specific business partners.

RPA Architects provide solutions in areas of technical support, training, disaster recovery, data integrity, and information security. They evaluate and recommend software technologies in these areas, evaluate alternatives and analyze problems with data infrastructures. It is typically up to RPA Architects to produce documents relating to automation architecture, design steps, integration processes and testing procedures relating to each product developed. This documentation would also cover the installation and maintenance of RPA software as well as guidelines and standards that should be adhered to for each process automation.

Job Duties

  • Communicate with staff or business partners to understand specific RPA requirements
  • Provide advice on process automation project costs, design concepts, or design changes
  • Document RPA design specifications, installation instructions, and other process automation related information
  • Verify stability, interoperability, portability, security, or scalability of RPA architecture
  • Collaborate with RPA developers to select appropriate design solutions or ensure the compatibility of process automation solutions
  • Evaluate current or emerging process automation technologies to consider factors such as cost, portability, compatibility, or usability
  • Provide technical guidance or support for the development or troubleshooting of process automation solutions
  • Identify application system data, hardware, or software components required to meet user process automation needs
  • Direct and design RPA architectural solutions
  • Investigate RPA component suitability for process automation purposes and make recommendations regarding process use cases
  • Define and analyze RPA objectives, scope, issues, or organizational impact on information systems
  • Design and conduct process automation tests
  • Establish RPA functional standards to ensure operational requirements, quality requirements, and design constraints are addressed
  • Evaluate current state processes to determine effectiveness and suggest future state changes to meet process automation requirements
  • Complete process automation models and simulations, using manual or automated tools, to analyze or predict RPA solution performance under different operating conditions
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Conform with all corporate policies and procedures
  • Train process owners in RPA operation, support, or maintenance
  • Communicate RPA project information through presentations, technical reports or white papers
  • Ability to communicate abstract concepts with business stakeholders
  • Ability to coordinate with all levels of the organization to design and deliver technical solutions to business problems
  • Ability to both understand a business process from a workflow diagram and to conceptualize it as an automated solution
  • Background in IT architecture and software developing
  • Awareness of RPA design patterns and practices
  • Experience with developing and implementing automated RPA processes as a certified developer
  • Experience with RPA design patterns and practices including queue management
  • Understands the use of design principles and when RPA software is suitable
  • Good knowledge of quality standards and best practices


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience preferred 


  • 3-5 years experience with development and solution architecture required
  • 0-2 years experience as a developer with RPA software required
  • 2-4 years experience in an agile development environment preferred
  • 2-3 years experience in a team coordination role preferred


  • SCRUM certification preferred

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