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  • Jan 13, 2023
Full-time Data Analysis Data Management Data Reporting Project Management

Job Description

This role will be part of the Scheduling and Productivity team within Line Assets. We are looking for a Productivity Analyst (Journey) with experience in performing data analysis, data management, and developing/automating reporting metrics for stakeholders.
This position will provide analysis and technical support for a variety of work groups, including Line Division and Design. Additionally, this position will coordinate with different groups to improve processes and aid in the development of technical solutions. 

The intent of this job posting is to fill one regular full-time position and establish an eligibility list which may be used to fill future regular full-time and limited-term vacancies, for up to two (2) years. You must clearly demonstrate, on your resume, that you possess the knowledge, skills and experience required in the minimum qualifications listed in this posting.


To perform analytical studies, develop performance improvement strategies and manage administrative projects in order to improve department operational performance and ensure cost savings for SMUD.

Nature & Scope:

This classification is comprised of two levels: Level "E" is the entry-level where incumbents are provided formal training and/or certification for progression to the journey-level of the classification. The incumbent is promoted/progressed to the journey level J upon successful completion of all training and/or certification requirements for the classification. Incumbents hired at the entry-level are required to successfully progress to the journey-level within 18 to 60 months, depending on the length of the training and/or certification program. If an employee is unsuccessful with progressing to the journey-level, they will return to last class held or separate from SMUD.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Work may include, but is not limited to, the following: (NOTE: While in general all the functions and requirements listed are essential, individual positions and/or locations may not require all duties be performed.)

  • Performs consulting services by conducting studies of manual and automated information systems and related programs; coordinating and negotiating input and involvement of several departments when project scope involves multiple departments; documenting work flow, paperwork channels, work methods, procedures and other aspects of systems; analyzing systems to identify inefficiencies; and designing productivity systems and/or preparing recommendations for performance and/or system improvements. To maximize organizational efficiency and reduce costs by improving overall SMUD system effectiveness in services and operations.

  • Manages multiple highly complex projects concurrently including planning, analyzing, directing, monitoring and evaluation of each project and associated milestones. To assure assigned work processes result in completion of planned work within established time and resource allocations.

  • Prepares project implementation plans and schedules, including detailed task development, scheduling, and monitoring of performance. To assure assigned projects are implemented in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  • Assists in planning, reviewing, and conducting work activities and researching required project information associated with department internal/external projects in accordance with established task objectives and schedule as outlined in the project plan/contract required. To support the overall achievement and completion of department projects.

  • Provides expertise in support of systems benchmarking for anticipated major system implementations, enhancements, or modifications by providing documented system specifications; evaluating vendor proposals; recommending appropriate courses of action; and implementing accepted vendor proposals with affected SMUD departments and units. To ensure that RFP, bidding and vendor selection processes result in efficient SMUD system implementations and/or modifications.

  • Prepares and presents written and/or oral communication materials which promote concepts and ideas for proposed system and operational changes, report findings of studies and project teams and summarize recommendations which address system solutions for SMUD system users and managers. To promote and ensure acceptance of system proposals and recommended solutions within SMUD workforce.

  • Identifies system operational performance data by researching documented studies and/or benchmark descriptions of systems; developing performance indicators; deriving monitoring schemes or methods for system operation and performance; providing management with documentation of performance indicators and monitoring schemes; and performing audits or reviews of new system/program installations to verify their effectiveness, measure achievement of objectives and validates projected savings. To provide management with data and tools for the measurement of operational systems efficiency and cost effectiveness in support of achieving department objectives.

  • Audits or reviews newly installed systems and/or programs for effectiveness, performance, and cost savings by observing system operations; collecting and analyzing statistical and financial data; and measuring system performance using established system monitoring methods and performance indicators. To maintain system assessment and audit services and ensure that installed systems are measured for performance and cost savings in compliance with SMUD continuous improvement and cost reduction objectives.


High school diploma or equivalency.


Three (3) or more years of progressively responsible relevant work experience in analysis of business and automated information systems, development of productivity improvement and performance monitoring systems, development, and application of performance improvement strategies in work environments, with three (3) plus years of experience with SMUDs or other electric utility's budgeting, accounting, and automated systems.

Knowledge Of:

Basic math, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; principles and practices of systems analysis; procedures and practices for cost control and project scheduling; procedures and practices for monitoring and managing projects; methods and techniques for report preparation and writing; techniques and strategies for public speaking; SMUD policies, procedures, applicable MOUs and other special agreements; concepts related to evaluating and recording performance results; methods and techniques for training staff; principles and practices of business systems; principles of statistical and financial accounting policies and systems; SMUD policies, procedures, applicable MOUs and other special agreements; complex computer systems and resources, electronic records, database administration and development of automated reports; interrelationships between SMUDs operations and relevant external entities; methods and techniques for record keeping; modern office practices and procedures; principles, practices and techniques of productivity improvement and related programs; principles of management theory; techniques for data gathering; safety policies, practices and procedures; standard operating procedures for modern office equipment including a computer and applicable software; English grammar, punctuation and vocabulary standards.

Skill To:

Interpret SMUD policies, procedures, applicable MOUs and/or other special agreements; design productivity systems; develop performance improvement strategies; develop new and revised policies and procedures to provide for the effective operation of the unit; identify and assess training needs for staff; interact with others to influence and motivate; compile and prepare technical, statistical and/or analytical reports and presentations; develop and conduct oral presentations to internal/external audiences; reconcile significant and/or controversial differences to bring interested parties to consensus; evaluate and resolve complex technical or management issues; plan, organize, prioritize and schedule projects; monitor and manage projects; analyze procedures/systems and develop/implement operational improvements; analyze situations, documents and data for conformance to established policy and procedures; develop approaches for implementing an idea; develop an estimation of how a system should work under ideal conditions; identify significant organizational issues, concerns and needs and develop strategies for rectifying them; interpret, clarify, understand and analyze verbal/written information and ideas; prepare a business case to weigh the relative costs and benefits of a potential action; utilize logic and analysis to identify the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches; assist in budget preparation and administration; serve as reference person for other employees; interact with others to influence, motivate and challenge; use mathematics to solve problems; choose the appropriate mathematical methods or formulas to solve problem; use of basic mathematics; use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problem solving; develop general rules or conclusions based on problems and logically substantiate recommendations and/or explanations; 

Additional Posting Info for Candidate:

California Equal Pay Act

SMUD is committed to ensuring we're a workplace where diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), are part of who we are and how we do things. Supporting efforts that promote pay equality is part of that. Salary placement for the selected candidate will be determined in alignment with the California Equal Pay Act.

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

SMUD respects, values, and celebrates the unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives that make each person who they are. Diversity and inclusion are guiding principles to deliver a culture that reflects the broader values of the community and our customers. Our Board's policy for Employee Relation sets our commitment to developing and maintaining a high quality, inclusive workplace that engages and inspires employees to commit to SMUD's purpose, vision, and values.

Remote Work

This position may be eligible for SMUD's remote work employee benefit, the schedule of which will be determined by the successful candidate and the Hiring Manager. SMUD takes pride in powering the Sacramento region community where we live and work. We value the strong working relationships we develop with our colleagues. Our approach to remote work will continue to evolve. Please be aware that should SMUD’s business needs change, emergencies occur, or various other reasons arise, you may be required to report onsite on a part-time or full-time basis.

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