Privacy Policy

In connection with the Terms of Use, the following Privacy Policy shall apply:

1. INTRODUCTION. icrunchdata (“We” or “Our”) respects your right to privacy and is committed to protecting your privacy by securely handling any data that may identify you. This Privacy Policy contains certain guidelines regarding any personal data you may submit, or icrunchdata may collect, process, use, disclose, and retain, and any other data that may identify you (collectively, “Personal Data”). Your access and use of the Site shall indicate your consent for icrunchdata to collect, process, use, disclose, and retain your Personal Data.

2. DATA YOU MAY SUBMIT. You may submit Personal Data, including without limitation:

a) Account username and password.

b) Name, email address, phone number, location, website, social links, education, career and work-related data.

c) Payments, credit cards, invoices, and any other transaction data.

d) Actions you may take, including creating any account, placing any order, submitting any user generated content, applying to any job, submitting any resume or CV, job advertising, notes, messages, and any other actions, submissions, or communication on the Site.

e) Any other Personal Data.

3. DATA WE MAY COLLECT. We may collect Personal Data, including without limitation:

a) Log and usage data.

b) Cookies and tracking data.

c) Device data.

d) Browser and operating system data.

e) IP address and location data.

f) Analytics data.

g) Advertising data.

h) Identification number and online identifier.

i) Do not track disclosure.

j) Any other automatically collected data.

4. DATA WE MAY PROCESS, USE, DISCLOSE, AND RETAIN. We may process, use, disclose, and retain Personal Data with your consent, expressed or implied, and in the legitimate interest of:

a) Preventing fraud.

b) Creating and maintaining your active account.

c) Verifying your identity and access.

d) Personalizing your experience.

e) Communicating with you.

f) Technical and customer support.

g) Aggregating or anonymizing among other data.

h) Operating and maintaining the Site.

i) Providing any services or combination services.

j) Connecting any linked services.

k) Network and data security.

l) The event of an emergency.

m) Promotions, marketing, and advertising.

n) Researching, developing, and improving the Site.

o) Monitoring and analysis of trends, usage, and activity.

p) Understanding any behavior, activity, preference, or respective need.

q) Handling any request, complaint, or dispute.

r) Fulfilling any duties to customers, shareholders, or other stakeholders.

s) Protecting the welfare or safety of any individual, entity, or agent.

t) Complying with any legal, regulatory, or governmental obligation or request.

u) Enforcing our terms, legal rights, and interests.

v) Any other legitimate interest.

4.1. Third-Party Service Providers. We may disclose Personal Data with third-party service providers, including without limitation, service providers for design, programming, hosting, analytics, email, integrations, ad-serving, software platform, and any other third-party service providers related to the Site (collectively, “Third-Party Service Providers”).

4.2. Employers. In addition, we may disclose Personal Data with Employers, including without limitation, any individual, entity, and authorized third-party agency that participates in Job Advertising, seeks candidates for employment or contingent work, posts ads for employment opportunities of any kind, and any other activity related to the purpose of talent acquisition (collectively, ”Employers”).

4.3. Duration. We process, use, disclose, and retain Personal Data for no longer than is necessary. When we no longer have a legal basis or ongoing legitimate interest to retain Personal Data, we will either anonymize it, securely store and isolate it, or permanently delete it.

5. STORAGE AND SECURITY. We make every reasonable effort to store Personal Data and secure it against loss or misuse, as described below:

5.1. Storage. Personal Data that you may submit is stored and kept on secure servers located in the United States or European Economic Area (“EEA”).

5.2. Security. We have physical, technical, and organizational safeguards that may protect and secure Personal Data from unauthorized access, modification, misuse, loss, damage, or destruction, including without limitation:

a) Anti-virus, malware, firewall, and other protection software, SSL and data encryption, monitoring, and periodic review of any data centers and systems, and other technical safeguards.

b) Data encryption for payment and credit card transactions through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

c) Controlled access to any physical property and facility, including locked doors and other physical safeguards.

d) Internal training and awareness regarding privacy and security to ensure reasonable measures of protection, and other organizational safeguards.

6. INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER. Due to the nature of global business operations and the technologies required, Personal Data may be transferred to any Third-Party Service Providers in countries that may have a lower level of legal data protection. As a precaution, icrunchdata has reasonable technical and security measures to minimize unauthorized access to Personal Data, including without limitation, to (i) transfer only the minimum amount of data necessary, (ii) anonymize data where possible, and (iii) enter into agreements, if applicable, whereas any such third party may handle Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and in compliance with the General Data Protection Policy (“GDPR”).

7. MANAGE YOUR PERSONAL DATA. You may manage your Personal Data at any time, and if applicable, you may:

a) Access and rectify your Personal Data by signing into your account with your password and updating your settings or sending a request in writing.

b) Delete your account and Personal Data by signing into your account with your password and updating your settings or sending a request in writing.

c) Object, restrict, or withdraw consent by signing into your account with your password and updating your settings or sending a request in writing.

d) Make portable your Personal Data by sending a request in writing.

e) Make any additional request in writing if you need assistance.

8. LEGAL BASIS. We may collect, process, use, disclose, and retain Personal Data when there is an applicable legal basis, including without limitation:

a) Consent based on your access and use of the Site.

b) Fulfillment of any contract with you.

c) Legitimate interest as described in Article 4.

d) Legal obligation to satisfy or comply with any legal, regulatory, or governmental obligation or request, including without limitation, to prevent, investigate, and detect any crime, fraud, or suspicious behavior and prosecute offenders; and further, we may involve and cooperate with any law enforcement authorities as may be proper.

9. THIRD-PARTY LINKS. The Site may contain links to third-party websites, applications, and other destinations, as well as third-party content. Any such third-party may collect, process, use, disclose, and retain Personal Data depending on the actions you may take.

10. MINORS PROHIBITED. Minors and children are prohibited from any access and use of the Site. If you reside in the United States, you must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, and if you reside in any other country, you must be legal adult age as required by the laws of your jurisdiction to use the Site.

11. DISCLAIMERS. The following disclaimers shall apply:

11.1. Security Disclaimer. Please be advised, while every reasonable effort may be made to secure Personal Data, icrunchdata makes no representations or guarantees of any kind, expressed or implied, regarding the security of any Personal Data transmitted over the internet.

11.2. Third-Party Disclaimer. Please be advised, when you access any third-party websites, applications, and other destinations that you do so at your own risk, and any Personal Data you may submit is not covered by this Privacy Policy. icrunchdata shall not be responsible for any content, security, or practice of any third-party individual, entity, or agent; and further, icrunchdata makes no representations or endorsements, expressed or implied, regarding any such third-party.

11.3. Password Confidentiality. Please be advised, your account is protected by your password. You are solely responsible for keeping your password confidential and to ensure that is not shared with any unauthorized individual, entity, or agent. Further, you may change your password at your sole discretion, and at any time.

11.4. GDPR Compliance. Please be advised, if you reside in or are relevant to the EEA, this Privacy Policy is in compliance with the GDPR, and your access and use of the Site shall be on the basis of consent. Further, icrunchdata shall rely on that consent, expressed or implied, and you may withdraw your consent at any time by sending a request in writing.

12. CONTACT. If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, or would like to contact our Data Protection Officer (“DPO”), please send a message by email to or by physical mail to:

icrunchdata, LLC
550 Congressional Blvd
Ste 350
Carmel, Indiana 46032
United States

13. UPDATES AND AMENDMENTS. This Privacy Policy and the Site may be updated and amended from time to time to comply with any laws or to meet any changing business requirements. Please review the changes carefully, as they shall be binding as of the effective date on the Site, or as otherwise stated in any notice of such changes. Any use of the Site shall be considered your acknowledgement and agreement to the then-effective Privacy Policy. Any changes to this Privacy Policy shall be disclosed, and if the changes are significant, you may be informed as may be proper and consistent with the significance of such changes. Further, icrunchdata reserves the unrestricted right to update and amend this Privacy Policy and the Site, including without limitation, to modify any terms and the Site at any time.

14. EFFECTIVE. Last updated January 1, 2024.