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2024—icrunchdata is proud to publish and host the latest SAS job board index in the field of SAS. Here you can find the latest labor information and future trends for high growth categories of employment in the United States. This SAS jobs report is taken from a sampling of the best SAS job sites, our proprietary data from SAS job boards and is compiled by our research team. This compiled research is focused on a particular skill set, so it's inherently quite targeted yet easily digestible at a glance. We'll be adding more information to this report, so stay tuned. Learn more about our IT job board platform.


The acronym SAS stands for statistical analytical software and was created by The SAS Institute located in the research triangle of Cary, NC. They are considered the largest privately held software company in the world. Their suite of analytics software is used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies. SAS software has created immense value among large enterprise businesses through its ability to create insights and opportunities with business intelligence and advanced decision-making technology. For enterprise business, the applications are almost endless, and SAS has become one of the most desirable skill sets in the interdisciplinary field of data, statistics and analytics. The analytical solutions that SAS offers are targeted more for enterprise business, and they tend to focus on the analytics and business intelligence side of the value proposition. Needless to say, SAS programming and other SAS programmer skills have become some of the most desirable skill sets in all of technology employment. Now let’s take a look at some future trends in SAS.

Applications in Business and Industry

SAS is a powerful software suite widely used in business and industry for data management, analytics, and business intelligence. It provides a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities that enable organizations to extract valuable insights from their data, make data-driven decisions, and solve complex business problems.

  • One of the primary applications of SAS in business is data management. It allows businesses to efficiently store, clean, transform, and integrate data from various sources. SAS's data manipulation capabilities enable organizations to prepare their data for analysis, ensuring data quality and consistency.
  • SAS is also extensively used for advanced analytics. Its statistical modeling and predictive analytics features empower businesses to uncover patterns, trends, and relationships within their data. This enables organizations to make accurate forecasts, identify risks, optimize processes, and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Furthermore, SAS is utilized for business intelligence and reporting. It enables the creation of interactive dashboards, reports, and visualizations, providing users with a clear and intuitive representation of data insights. These features facilitate data exploration, facilitate decision-making, and aid in the communication of findings across different levels of an organization.
  • In addition, SAS is employed in various industry-specific applications. It is widely used in finance and banking for risk management, fraud detection, and regulatory compliance. In healthcare, SAS is utilized for clinical research, patient data analysis, and healthcare outcome analysis. It is also employed in retail for demand forecasting, customer segmentation, and pricing optimization.

Overall, SAS is a versatile and powerful software suite that plays a crucial role in enabling data-driven decision-making and analytics in business and industry. Its broad range of capabilities makes it a valuable tool for organizations across different sectors, helping them gain insights, drive innovation, and achieve competitive advantages. Now let’s take a look at career considerations for SAS jobs and employment in the field that requires SAS experience.

Education and Training

Education and training play a crucial role in preparing individuals for successful careers in SAS software. SAS, a powerful tool used in data analytics and business intelligence, empowers professionals to extract meaningful insights from complex datasets. A solid foundation in SAS programming, statistical analysis, and data management techniques is essential to navigate this sophisticated software effectively. Education and training in SAS equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data, enabling informed decision-making. As the demand for data-driven insights continues to grow across industries, investing in SAS education and training becomes increasingly vital to thrive in this competitive landscape.

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Careers in SAS

The demand for SAS talent has continued to increase over the past decade and will so in the foreseeable future. For job seekers who are just entering the job market, this expertise on your CV or resume will be very valuable. Ninety percent of the Fortune 500 use the SAS suite of software, so there’s an inherent alignment with big business. Small to mid-market employers tend to use more cost effective and slightly less robust analytics software and solutions, so inherently companies of that size will likely desire expertise in other software providers besides SAS. With that said, there is an abundant crossover of skills between software providers; so, candidates with statistical and analytics skills will be highly desirable during their job search. It's noteworthy that SAS is very entrenched among clinical research companies, so candidates who desire a career path in the healthcare sector can find tremendous opportunity among big pharma and the third-party clinical research providers who support them. Geographically speaking, job seekers will find many of the available positions in the major market cities throughout the United States, and even internationally. A good way to stay informed of trending SAS jobs is to search jobs and sign up for job alerts. While icrunchdata is not affiliated with The SAS Institute, you’ll find many employers here who post positions which require SAS experience (or statistical and analytical experience in general). You can also find many SAS jobs here on icrunchdata by searching for popular titles listed below or customizing your job search. And be sure to check out our pro tips for job seekers.

Trending Job Titles on SAS Job Boards

1. SAS Analyst
2. SAS Programmer
3. SAS Data Scientist
4. SAS Developer
5. SAS Consultant
6. SAS Administrator
7. SAS Engineer
8. SAS Statistician
9. SAS Business Intelligence Developer
10. SAS Data Manager

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Job Interview Questions

To help you prepare for job interviews, here is a list of commonly asked job interview questions for working in the SAS field. Please keep in mind, these are only sample questions.

1. Can you describe your experience working with SAS software and tools? What specific SAS components have you used in your previous projects?

2. How do you approach data cleaning and transformation in SAS? Can you provide an example of a data cleaning challenge you encountered and how you resolved it using SAS?

3. In your opinion, what are the key benefits and advantages of using SAS for data analysis and statistical modeling compared to other tools or programming languages?

4. Can you explain how you would approach building a predictive model using SAS? What steps would you take and what SAS techniques or procedures would you utilize?

5. Describe a project where you used SAS to generate meaningful insights from large datasets. How did you approach the analysis, and what were the key findings or recommendations you provided?

6. How do you ensure the accuracy and reliability of your SAS programs? What techniques or best practices do you follow for quality control and validation?

7. Have you worked on collaborative projects involving cross-functional teams? How do you communicate and collaborate with stakeholders who may not have a technical background?

8. Can you share an example of a challenging SAS programming or data analysis problem you encountered, and how you approached and solved it?

9. How do you stay updated with the latest developments and advancements in SAS? Can you provide examples of any self-learning or professional development activities you have pursued in the SAS field?

10. What do you consider to be the most valuable features or functionalities of SAS for business intelligence and reporting? Can you provide examples of how you have used these features to create effective visualizations or reports in the past?

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The Future

With the hyper-growth occurring in the data science, analytics and business intelligence space; SAS is well positioned to remain a major software provider in analytics and business intelligence. Their private corporation status makes them much more agile than other software companies of their size. SAS has done an excellent job of entrenching themselves among some of the largest enterprise businesses in the world. This deep entrenchment creates an interdependency for technology talent with SAS experience to meet the demands of organizations who use SAS. Competition is always at play in this field, and the growth of SAS could be somewhat hindered by the unknowns of artificial intelligence solutions from providers like IBM Watson, or GE. But SAS appears to position themselves more so on the analytics side of the value proposition, rather than the raw processing power which artificial intelligence will likely offer. SAS impacts the job market in a variety of ways; more information on analytics jobs can be found here.

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