The Truth About Analytics as a Strategy

Big data and analytics continue to top the list of 2017 business buzzwords. Almost every department in every organization wants to reap the benefit promised when purchasing

Developing A Mind for Data

The last two weeks I’ve had the fortune of being invited to talk data with a wide array of people interested in data and analytics, from undergraduate

IBM Sees Tipping Point for Industrial IoT

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Plugging computer sensors into factories, cars, shops and offices to help them operate more smartly on the industrial Internet, or so-called Internet of Things (IoT), is

Tableau Names Adam Selipsky As New CEO

Tableau Software, Inc. yesterday announced that it has appointed Adam Selipsky as president and chief executive officer effective September 16. Christian Chabot, Tableau’s co-founder and current CEO,

Low-cost Airlines Bet on Data to Drive Profit

DUBLIN (Reuters) – Europe’s low-cost airlines once mocked the air miles programs run by flag carriers as expensive relics of a bygone era. But after watching wide-eyed as customer