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Welcome employers and agencies to the premier job board for talent solutions to reach technology and data professionals. Discover our remarkable capabilities for job advertising, employer branding, curated sourcing, and recruiting solutions. The talent market is tight — don't miss out on reaching the best candidates with our affordable and effective talent solutions.

Job Advertising

When your job ads hit our platform, they are geo-targeted and skills-targeted with intelligent distribution to our exclusive niche audience, insights readers, and recruitment advertising network of elite professionals. You can also uniquely tag your jobs with desired skills to optimize targeting, on-page SEO, and on-platform search. With one-click apply for both desktop and mobile, candidates can be routed easily to any email address or ATS. Choose from our simple and flexible posting options that include Standard Job Post, Monthly Membership, and Custom Job Package. To learn more, see how it works and explore our job posts and membership options.

Employer Branding

Our curated audience is comprised of the greatest minds of our times, and reaching them with your story is easy on the icrunchdata platform. Let us help you shape and build your employer brand influence through content and social marketing. We’ll manage your campaign end-to-end with efficient deliverables and amplified distribution within our vetted channels that have ridiculously high engagement in native, social, and even digital magazines. To learn more, explore our employer branding options.

Curated Sourcing

A lightweight subscription-based service that leaves the heavy lifting to us. Our blended approach to talent sourcing is something you've not experienced before now. Hiring the right talent makes a difference in immeasurable ways, and oftentimes becomes the tipping point in your company's story. Leverage our expertise, resources, and brand positioning to make the right hires in this high-demand marketplace.

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