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As a challenging labor market and uncertain economic times continue to impact both employers and employees across a wide array of industries, the need for intentional and data-backed approaches to talent acquisition and talent management has never been higher. A job architecture framework is a crucial component of an effective HR strategy and plays an impactful role in job titling, lending itself to supporting internal equity and...
Zenith American Solutions, Inc., a leader in third-party administration services for Taft-Hartley trust funds, is pleased to announce that Patrick Horne has joined Zenith's executive leadership team as chief information officer. Horne has been an IT professional for over 32 years, managing IT operations for publicly-traded and privately-held companies. He has assisted dozens of companies with designing and executing their IT operational...
In the realm of artificial intelligence, deep learning is a driving force, propelling the boundaries of what machines can achieve. This blog post delves into developments in deep learning, with a spotlight on transformative architectures such as transformers. As we explore the technical intricacies, we'll uncover the applications of deep learning across diverse domains, from image recognition to language translation. The evolution of deep...
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