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This is the age of data. It is the single biggest commodity in the world, the target of big business, government, and hackers alike. It's the one thing that every single industry has in common, and it's the center of the fastest-growing industry in the world – data analytics. A master's in data analytics prepares professionals for careers in that vague industry commonly called big data, but big data is really all around. Data analysts work in every sector, in every industry, and in every occupational level. For working data professionals who want to take the next step in their career, Best Master's Programs (BMP), an independent online guide to master's degrees and careers, has ranked the 25 Best Online Master's in Data Analytics. The BMP ranking of the top data analytics master's programs is meant to help working professionals and career-changing adults find a program with a real return on investment and career impact. There are three criteria to determine the ranking: Cost (IPEDS data) Salary Potential (College Scorecard data) Student Review (Niche student reviews) The top three master's in data analytics programs for 2020 are: Georgia Tech The online degree program builds on undergraduate training and work experience to teach students to understand the vast amount of data available in a modern work environment. It emphasizes the potential of data analytics of business strategy and helps students recognize their options to advance in their careers. Degree: MS in Analytics Worcester Polytechnic Institute The degree program emphasizes database management, data analytics, and leadership skills to help students gain the skills they need to improve their opportunities in a career or industry. Degree: MS in Data Science CSU Global The online MS in Data Analytics degree program emphasizes organizational leadership and ensures that students are ready to take on a leadership role within a business or organization. It also recognizes the value of data analytics in a modern business environment and ensures that students have the skills to handle the challenges of keeping up with the technology within a company. Degree: MS in Data Analytics A smart investment "Receiving your master's degree in data analytics online allows you to pursue a career in a variety of industries where big data is used to solve problems and create strategies for advancement on different levels," said Contributing Editors Kayla Berkey and Michelle Rindy. There are many career opportunities with a master's in data analytics: "A data science online degree gives you the credentials you need to move into higher positions of authority in management, or more specialized, in-demand roles," said Berkey and Rindy. Data analytics is highly adaptable as well; the principles remain the same whatever the industry. A master's in data analytics, then, is as close as it gets to a blank check in the 21st century. That's why online programs are a smart investment. Most people who are interested in a master's in data analytics are already working in the area, so "Getting your data science degree online allows you to continue working in the industry and gaining the experience you need while you are still going to school," said Berkey and Rindy. As the editors explain, "Employers will trust a master's of data science online degree because it shows your initiative to receive your education by whatever means possible. Most employers welcome graduates who have completed an online degree program." To lead students to the programs that will work for them, BMP rankings feature only accredited institutions offering fully online and hybrid programs. Programs are ranked with publicly-available data like tuition cost and alumni salary, so prospective students can get a full picture. The full list, in alphabetical order: American University Clarkson University College of William & Mary CSU Global Georgia Tech Indiana University Johns Hopkins University New Jersey Institute of Technology Ohio State University Oklahoma State University Oregon State University Regis University Rutgers University UCLA University of California Berkeley University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University of Missouri University of North Carolina in Wilmington University of North Texas University of Notre Dame University of Southern California University of Wisconsin Eau Claire University of Wisconsin Madison Villanova University Worcester Polytechnic Institute Read more about each program on BMP's website. BMP also offers rankings and reviews of additional master's programs in all of the most popular fields, and career and salary information for the most in-demand jobs. Article published by icrunchdata Image credit by Getty Images, E+, Laurence Dutton Want more? For Job Seekers | For Employers | For Influencers
Wondering what's hot in the job market as we enter a new decade? The team at Jeff Christian Partners, a talent equity search firm and a first to offer the annual top 10 Hot High Tech Jobs list over 25 years ago, identifies which leading edge jobs will have an impact this year.  Beyond the typical method of tracking the demand of job postings, the list incorporates authentic requirements of scarcity and demand. The Web Master and venture-backed CEO were two of the first hot high tech jobs to appear in the study when it was published over 20 years ago in USA Today. “Because of the intense demand for women board members, CEOs, and promotable balanced leadership, as well as the scarcity of non-white male leadership, the number one Hot High Tech Job for 2020 is The Balanced Leader,” said Jeff Christian, Executive Chairman and author of "The Headhunters Edge." “This year we have stayed true to the original requirements by querying CEOs, startup founders, venture capital and private equity firms, board members, and the top leadership of the emerging technologies including AI, cyber, robotics, digital transformation, space, digital health, and national security,” said Christian. Here are the leading edge tech jobs at the top of this year’s list. 1. The Balanced Leader 2020 is becoming the Year of Balance Leadership given the overall trend towards diversity alongside California’s SB 826 law that requires companies to have one woman board member by the end of 2019 and most two or three by the end of 2021. 2. National Security Data Scientist For the past few years, many hot job lists have claimed the data scientist as the hottest job of the year. That may be true if one were only measuring job postings. Add scarcity to the mix, and the data scientist with a security clearance trumps all individual contributor tech jobs. ”Because of the extraordinary funding to regain our technological superiority, space companies like Blue Origin, Space X, Aerospace Defense, and cyber/AI national security companies are all competing for this scarce talent,” according to Christian. 3. CEO Digital Health As AI and analytics permeate most aspects of society, business, and advancing technologies, the CEO of digital health startups and fast-growth companies will be the most in-demand for 2020. 4. Backable CEO With venture capital and private equity beginning the year with over $3 billion in dry powder to invest (NVCA, Bain & Company), and an embracement of talent-centric investing, CEOs that can deliver predictive, high-performance business outcomes can name their price. 5. Chief Data Officer According to Jeff Christian Partners, the hottest and highest paying job in data science is the chief data officer. CDOs not only have to be experts in data science, but they must also understand how data drives their specific industry sector and company and know how to attract and retain the rarest talent in the world. 6. Chief Information/Security Officer The chief information/security officer is one of the most sought after, highest-paying CXOs, demanding compensation packages between $2m - $3m. CIOs have had the overwhelming task of collecting multiple silos of data, acquiring the requisite hardware, software, networking, and the added task of cyber threat and data protection. 7. Chief Technology Officer When Jeff Christian Partners first started doing CTO searches for tech companies like Adobe and HP, the CTO was responsible for overall tech strategy and R&D for new products and solutions. IT demands as well as advancing core technology continue to exist for every large company in every industry today. 8. Advisory/Governing Board Members Ten years after the birth of Silicon Valley, the advisory board member was rare, and the role did not attract top leadership. Entering 2020, with PE Firms deploying operating partners as advisory board members and $1B unicorn startups looking for any way to add great talent, the advisory board member and governing board member are at a premium. 9. Executive Chairman Leadership, leadership, leadership or talent, talent, talent – the three most important things for successful companies. Startups, fast-growth emerging tech companies, PE-backed to large global corporations with the strongest boards, all know the only differentiator is talent and great leadership. As a result, the ability to have two top CEO leaders is better than one, particularly when just acquiring and integrating acquisitions is a full-time job as well as organic growth. 10. PE Operating Partners The operating partner used to be considered house cats at VC/PE firms waiting for a deal to be the CEO. The demand is so great for CEO talent that VC and PE firms are trying to find the very best CEOs any way they can even paying them huge compensation packages before there is a company for them to run. According to Jeff Christian Partners, the hottest PE-backed consolidation plays attract the greatest number of extraordinary CEOs because they can monetize within three to seven years. Article published by icrunchdata Image credit by Getty Images, DigitalVision, Klaus Vedfelt Want more? For Job Seekers | For Employers | For Influencers
Unified data analytics platform Databricks has announced keynote speakers alongside expanded technical content and training at Spark + AI Summit which is taking place June 22 - 25 in San Francisco. The keynote lineup spans data and machine learning innovators to data visionaries, including Nate Silver of, Jennifer Chayes of UC Berkeley, and Adam Paszke of PyTorch. To support continuous innovation and expansion of the conference content, Spark + AI Summit welcomes Ben Lorica as the Program Chair. Who attends? Spark + AI Summit is the largest data and machine learning conference bringing together professionals and leaders from around the world, including: Apache Spark Developers Data and ML Engineers Data Scientists Infrastructure / Site Reliability Engineers Researchers Data Practitioners Key Decision Makers Business Executives “Over four days we’ll gather the greatest minds in our industry to shape the future of big data, analytics, and AI and share knowledge through training, over 180 talks and networking events,” said Ali Ghodsi, cofounder and CEO at Databricks. More than 7,000 attendees at Spark + AI Summit will attend four days of training sessions, presentations, and networking events. This year’s Summit has tripled the number of technical training sessions covering key technologies and topics, including Apache Spark, Delta Lake, MLflow, TensorFlow, deep learning, applying software engineering principles to data engineering and machine learning. The Summit kicks off with pre-conference training workshops, including both instruction and hands-on classes, which has now expanded to two days of full-day and half-day courses. The growing list of keynotes include: Nate Silver , Founder of and Author of "The Signal and the Noise" Kim Hazelwood , senior engineering manager leading the AI Infrastructure Foundation and AI Infrastructure Research efforts at Facebook Adam Paszke , Author and Maintainer of PyTorch Jennifer Chayes , Associate Provost of Data Science and Information, and Dean of the School of Information at UC Berkeley Francois Chollet , Author of Keras, Software Engineer at Google Hany Farid , Professor, UC Berkeley and Author of "Photo Forensics” Databricks executives and original creators of popular open source projects including Apache Spark, Delta Lake, MLflow, and Koalas will also hit the keynote stage: Reynold Xin , Chief Architect and co-founder at Databricks Matei Zaharia , Chief Technologist and co-founder at Databricks Ali Ghodsi , CEO and co-founder at Databricks Ben Lorica joins as Conference Chair Ben Lorica is the former Chief Data Scientist at O’Reilly Media, and the former Program Chair of: the Strata Data Conference, the O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference, and TensorFlow World. The Summit will leverage Lorica’s industry expertise to continuously innovate and expand the Summit training, sessions and keynotes. Find out more information about Spark + AI Summit 2020 and register to attend. Article published by icrunchdata Image credit by Databricks Want more? For Job Seekers | For Employers | For Influencers
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