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At the beginning of 2020, it was estimated that humanity had accumulated 44 zettabytes – that’s 44 trillion gigabytes – of digital data. And we’re continuing to produce data at a stunning and still-accelerating pace. Businesses across a wide variety of industries have quickly learned that making effective use of the mountain of big data at their fingertips is no longer just a way to get a competitive edge –...
New York-based software and data analytics company Payfone announced this week it has raised $100 million to acquire strategic assets, further strengthen its machine learning capabilities, and build a cross-industry consortium to secure digital transactions and experiences. The investment was led by funds advised by Apax Digital, the growth equity team of Apax Partners. Payfone seeks to set a new standard for digital identity verification...
Looking for a data platform that offers the opportunity to explore, discover, and evaluate new datasets in a seamless and intuitive way? The newly launched S&P Global Marketplace may be a good option for you. S&P Global is a provider of credit ratings, benchmarks, and analytics in the global capital and commodity markets, offering ESG solutions, deep data, and insights on critical business factors. In a modern digital...
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